Cipresso di Toscana is added to Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo collection

30th April, 2019

 Cipresso di Toscana is the latest fragrance in Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo collection. The new fragrance is said to embody all the vitality of a walk in the Tuscan nature parks, where the Cypress tree, with its slender shape and aromatic, balsamic, energy-giving scent, a tree so quintessential and symbolic of the Tuscan landscape, reigns supreme."

Blu Mediterraneo : Cipresso di Toscana
Notes for the fragrance include star anise, elemi, orange and petitgrain in the head; a heart of sage and lavender; and cypress and pine feature in the base notes.

Blu Mediterraneo : Cipresso di Toscana is available as Eau de Toilette (150ml, 75ml, 30ml), Shower Gel (200ml) and Powder Soap (70g)

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      • hednic | 30th April 2019 17:05

        This one is worth at least a try.

      • Zilpha | 30th April 2019 19:07

        I guess so. Because I already did - about five years ago maybe. It's listed in my wardrobe as tried. This is a re-issue. It first came out in 1999.

      • hednic | 30th April 2019 21:03

        Unfortunately never tried it then.

      • Ken_Russell | 30th April 2019 21:15

        Enjoyed its initial release (though only tested this one first in the mid 2000s), therefore quite eager to re-test this one now

      • ToddHuyett | 1st May 2019 15:10

        Are there any hard-core Acqua di Parma fans who know the exact status of this perfume and why it isn't on the official site? I would very much appreciate it.

      • ToddHuyett | 2nd May 2019 02:54

        Luca Turin is part of the reason I got into perfume. I enjoyed his books a lot in my early days. However, he had better watch his step when it comes to Cipresso di Toscana. If he writes anything negative about it, I'm going to get a fire roaring on the hearth, cast his books into the flames, and piss on the ashes!

      • Diamondflame | 5th May 2019 16:23

        Hey Iím glad to see this back. Years ago this was one of the better ones from the Blu Mediterraneo line. Hope it didnít get reformulated too much.

      • ToddHuyett | 10th May 2019 01:08

        My bottle just arrived yesterday. I expected it to be different simply because my old bottle barely has anything left in it. Over the last decade or so, there has certainly been oxidation, polymerization, etc. However, I can't help thinking that it was reformulated. It has been a while, so a few ingredients have likely been changed courtesy of the IFRA, which should be abolished. They're despisers of art who serve their own interests. They're blackguards and scoundrels. They make their living ruining great perfumes. No self-respecting perfumer would ever bow down to them!

      • cacio | 12th May 2019 23:15

        Tried this on paper at the airport today. Smelled nice, an Italian style coniferous aromatic. I don't remember the vintage well, I think it felt stronger. Also, I tried it only on paper, and of course on skin any difference could be amplified.