Kilian Hennessy to make New York appearance

07th May, 2019

Kilian Hennessy will be making a personal appearance, meeting fans, and signing bottles on May 9th in Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC. 

The company will be showcasing their new Scented lipsticks, and a never before released fragrance which will be available for one day only, Love Rose & Oud. It will be exclusive to the Middle East.

To RSVP contact 212.940.2566




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      • gunpowder | 7th May 2019 15:50

        I'm all the way in Seattle! So jealous of whoever get to go :(

      • hednic | 7th May 2019 16:40

        I've met him before. Very personable.

      • Kaern | 7th May 2019 16:47

        check the cliche photo

      • Diamondflame | 7th May 2019 18:33


        Is it a ‘must’ for perfumers /creative to be photographed with those moulliettes?

      • | 8th May 2019 03:23

        No kidding. And whenever they hold them to their nose like that, they look like they're picking their nose.

      • The Nosy Neighbor | 11th May 2019 01:04

        Met him yesterday got my black Phantom signed took pictures with the master, picked up single Malt as well! He is simply the best!

      • dukeofmadison | 14th May 2019 16:32

        You guys are hilarious. He actually looks much younger than I imagined to have a fragrance company that's over 15yrs. Love single malts!! Let's talk about that!!