Designer Parfums sign a license deal with Formula 1

13th May, 2019

Designer Parfums have today announced they have signed a license deal which sees become the first ever official Perfume partner of Formula 1.

Dilesh Mehta, Chairman and CEO of Designer Parfums, said: "We are honoured Formula 1 are trusting our ability to translate this amazing global sport and entertainment brand, with more than 500 million fans across the world, into an exciting and innovative fragrance proposal. Our ambition is to build a fragrance brand that merges both a highly legitimate approach to the perfume world with the core values of Formula 1."

Mehta continued, "We are working very hard to do this differently, and are willing to take risks, just like the sport does, from the way we develop the most amazing fragrances, to the concept and the way to market it, from the bottle to the packaging. We want to make sure fans and consumers feel a strong connection to what Formula 1® stands for. For this, we have commissioned the visionary designer Ross Lovegrove to help us translate this spirit aesthetically and deliver a design that marries technology, new materials with breakthrough packaging."

Designer Parfums has a range of prestige and mass fragrances and beauty products in its portfolio, including, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Ariana Grande, Ghost, Aigner Parfums, Porsche Design, Scherrer, Cerutti 1881, Playboy and now Formula 1.

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      • HouseOfPhlegethon | 13th May 2019 13:10

        I don't know... I think most drivers from the past, like the late Phil Hill, would think this venture ridiculous. I seriously doubt any fragrance composed for or associated with Formula 1 racing is going to be any more than mediocre at best. Is it a money grab? Maybe. Will it be a serious endeavor to create a scent representing the guts, prestige, and spirit of Grand Prix racing? I'm skeptical. JMO

      • justfoxie | 13th May 2019 16:03

        Could be really interesting I think! Curious to see if the emphasis is more on technology/new materials or packaging.

      • hednic | 13th May 2019 17:58

        Since I don't like any of the other brands in the portfolio other than Cerutti, not expecting much from this latest venture.