Winners announced for 6th Annual Art & Olfaction Awards

16th May, 2019

The Sixth annual Art & Olfaction Awards were held in Oude Kerk in Amsterdam earlier this month. The awards highlight the best in independent and artistic perfumery.

Awards founder, Saskia Wilson-Brown opening the ceremony
The winners announced on the night were:

Artisan Award

Hiram Green

Sven Protzkoleit and Yana Lysenko Tommelise

Independent Award

Dawn Spencer-Hurwitz and Dave Kern

Ryan Richmond

Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent

Josely Carvalho (right)

Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume

Paul Kiler

The Septimus Piesse Visionary Award

  • Frederik Duernick

Contribution to Scent Culture Award

  • Sissel Tolaas

[images by Ludo Poot]

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      • Shemelimelle | 16th May 2019 14:46

        Congratulations, PK! I couldn’t help but notice and comment on your incredibly stylish jacket! (I am a wearer of ‘80s vintage fringe jackets and hobo style handbags.) I love the way the long fringes “dance” in coordination with my movements. Long may basenotes prosper!

      • Diamondflame | 21st May 2019 16:47

        Congrats, Paul Kiler! You’re killing it...! :)

      • pkiler | 3rd June 2019 17:03

        Thanks to everyone who commented, and Congratulations to all of the other Winners and Finalists! ;-)