New Signature Collection from Alfred Dunhill

by Judith Brockless, 26th July, 2019

Dunhill has launched a new Signature Collection - four new fragrances inspired by the international and adventurous nature of dunhill. All four feature ‘signature’ materials, linking them to dunhill’s past.

The figure of the adventurer is a crucial element to these masculine fragrances. The dunhill man is not one, but many - as is the adventurer. The figure of Alfred Dunhill himself is a case in point, as a seeker of fortune in daring enterprises.

Indian Sandalwood, created by Carlos Benaim, is centred around sandalwood ‘seemingly carried on the breeze from the East’, in combination with bergamot, tree moss and patchouli.

Moroccan Amber is inspired by adventure - specifically, the spice routes. Cardamom, saffron and amber blend to create ‘a deep and earthy scent’, created by perfumer Gino Percontino.

Alexandra Monet is responsible for the oud fragrance of the collection. Arabian Desert opens with bergamot paired with pink pepper and saffron. This gives way to a ‘rich and masculine’ combination of rose and oud.

Lastly, a ‘classically masculine fougère’, British Leather by Pierre Negrin combines bergamot and violet leaf with a leather accord.

A notion of liquid leather, of old-world artisanship combined with modern innovation, is at the heart of this fragrance. This duality of tradition and modernity is echoed in the idea of London itself, home to dunhill and the adventurous spirit of Alfred Dunhill.

The Signature Collection is available at Harrods, at £120 for a 100ml bottle.

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      • Kaern | 26th July 2019 17:25

        I don't know how anyone else feels but all four sound a bit dull and unoriginal to me.

        I won't be rushing to Harrods to test, that's for sure.

      • Brooks Otterlake | 26th July 2019 17:30

        I thought this was announced a while back?

        I think Benaim has done some interesting work with Dunhill to date (Dunhill Icon is a very clever creation, and Dunhill Century--while not at all to my taste--was at least very unique), so I am intrigued by Indian Sandalwood. The rest of 'em, though... eh.

      • hednic | 26th July 2019 19:01

        Still looking forward to at least trying them.

      • Zealot Crusader | 28th July 2019 11:10

        They sort of sound like what you'd get in a discovery set or a vanity set from a house, as an introduction to the brand.

        "The sandalwood one, the leather one, the oud one, etc.."

        This shouldn't be a prestige tier line, but more like their standard fare, in maybe 30ml bottles all sold in a single box for a lump sum, with available refills. Then I'd get behind the idea.

      • Kaern | 29th July 2019 09:37

        +1 They sort of have the feeling of being redundant.

      • DrJeff | 11th August 2019 15:18

        Not the most inspiring lineup, yet I would like to sample the sandalwood.

        Curious how they define "signature" - is it truly different ingredients, or simply a marketing term.

      • need5398 | 12th August 2019 16:43

        I will take them all sight unseen. Maybe they are the grandchildren of Blend 30.

        Who knows?

      • Andy the frenchy | 12th August 2019 18:47

        Bad choice. I tested the 4 of them, and British Leather as well as Moroccan Amber are hits imo.

      • Andy the frenchy | 12th August 2019 18:48

        I wouldn;t pay retail for these, but when they'll hit discounters, I'll definitely get British Leather and Moroccan Amber. At the opposite, Desert Oud was a little disappointing, and Indian Sandalwood is a fail imo (screams synthetic)

      • Zealot Crusader | 17th August 2019 05:31

        For some reason you reminded me of the Queensryche song "Screaming in Digital" off of Rage for Order (1985)