4160 Tuesdays to Kiss me Quick(ly) in a limited way

by Judith Brockless, 05th August, 2019

4160 Tuesdays have a new limited edition fragrance for the summer, Kiss Me Quick(ly)

“Round the back of the dodgems once the sun’s gone down and the children have left the funfair. The aroma of hot metal, old leather saddles on the carousel horses, toffee apples, candy floss, a brisk sea breeze, roll-up ciggies and straw hats. The music is turned up, the rides switched to top speed and you can hear the screams from the roller coaster all the way to the B&B.”

Originally created by perfumer Sarah McCartney at Odette Toilette'sPerfume Poker’ night at Dreamland Margate, Kiss Me Quick(ly) was then remade for Dulwich Picture Gallery's ‘By the Seaside’ event in 2018.

Thanks to its popularity, McCartney is now releasing 70 bottles for 2019. This ‘bumper summer special edition’ has notes of apple, toffee, leather, hot metal, tobacco, candyfloss and ‘splashing salt water waves’.

McCartney says of the fragrance’s name: “we were guided by my parents away from people wearing "kiss me quick" hats, by my dad because he was worried about his daughters and teenage boys, by my mother because she didn't approve of the bad grammar.”

Kiss Me Quick(ly) is available in four sizes: 9ml for £15, 30ml for £35, 50ml for £55, and 100ml for £80.

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      • Kaern | 5th August 2019 14:15

        leather, toffee and candyfloss?

        not sure what to say -- I'd sure like to test it though

      • hednic | 5th August 2019 15:18

        I'd be interested in trying this also