Frederic Malle Thanks Basenotes Readers: You have good taste!

by Grant Osborne, 15th April, 2010

Frederic Malle has thanked Basenotes readers for voting for Geranium pour Monsieur as winner of the first UK FiFi Award for best Independent Niche Fragrance. Malle had the most votes in a category which included entrants from Les Nez, Nasomatto, Miller Harris, Ormonde Jayne and Parfumerie Generale.

The note reads:Dominique Ropion and I are delighted to have won a Fifi Award. Thank you Basenotes for your good taste and support! Frederic Malle.

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    • zztopp | 15th April 2010 13:51

      Awesome! Now as for the recent spike in prices.....

    • Mimi Gardenia | 15th April 2010 16:17

      Yay ! Yes, we do make a difference, Ody ! Frederic Malle - thanks for remembering us !

    • mr. reasonable | 15th April 2010 16:46

      Fantastic to see both basenotes and Frederic Malle visible and recognised in the industry like this - congratulations all round IMO :)

    • Reminiscent | 15th April 2010 16:51


      Great. Err... FM's Geranium is "Geranium pour Monsieur" not "Geranium pour Homme"!

    • lunoar | 15th April 2010 17:14

      I'd love to try Geranium Pour Monsieur but FM EdP were only willing to send me a sample if i paid 17 euros postage! I'm sure its fantastic but alas i will never know. :(

    • etiennesuper | 15th April 2010 17:58

      Really glad Géranium Pour Monsieur got the award since this is such an uncompromising and truly modern scent! :smiley: Lunoar: you should try to find a store that carries FM perfumes near you to experience this one since overseas shipping costs are indeed expensive (samples are free of charge but you still need to pay for the shipping from France to your country)

    • Grant (article author) | 15th April 2010 18:35

      Whoops. Fixed

    • megatropolis | 15th April 2010 19:51

      I am one of the biggest Malle fans. This is one of the first niche houses that made me pay attention to this genre. I am a big fan of his scents....and BRAVO!!

    • Sugandaraja | 15th April 2010 23:58

      Malle is one of the very best fragrance lines out there at the moment - keep up the good work! :)

    • narcus | 16th April 2010 06:39

      And what do we get? 20% discount on Geranium, Vetiver, or Épices...?

      Never mind, Sir! A large number of men here is happy to witness Éditions' constant success in releasing modern perfumes of première qualité! Nice occassion to also thank you for your good humor in naming one of your great perfumes 'French Lover' - delightful!




    • EauxM | 16th April 2010 08:17

      Truly deserved - congratulations Mr. Malle - for a good perfume but also for 10 years of hard work.

      René LesNez

    • Primrose | 16th April 2010 14:34

      How wonderful! I will take out my Bois d'Orage today to celebrate, although my avatar whispers French Lover...