Italian shaving brand, Proraso, comes to UK

by Grant Osborne, 15th April, 2004

Proraso is one of the oldest brands of shaving creams on the market. A true Italian product made in one of the world's most beautiful cities; Florence.

This range of high quality shaving products was born in the 1940s. Sixty years on it is the most used brand in Italian bathrooms and has served Italian males for three generations. Over all these years Proraso has maintained its high quality secret formula based on eucalyptus oil. In a small family owned company the formula is passed on from generation to generation.

Following big demand this product is now available in the UK. The Proraso product line consists of the following products:

Proraso pre & aftershave cream

This cream can be used before shaving to freshen the skin and soften the beard. As an aftershave it can be used as a soothing cream that will refresh and calm the skin. The Proraso formula features an eucalyptus oil that provides a close and invigorating shave whilst soothing and calming any irritations. This type of product does not currently exist in the UK and it is therefore truly unique. It cannot be compared with any balm or aftershave lotion.

Proraso shaving soap, in jar or tube

For men who prefer to soften the beard and apply the foam using a shaving brush. Can be used ideally with Proraso cream. Also these products are based on eucalyptus oil.

Proraso liquid cream aftershave

An innovative alcohol-free formula rich in witch-hazel and Vitamin E, combines the benefits of a skin soothing balm and an aftershave cream. Leaves even the most sensitive skin soft, smooth and fresh

Proraso Shaving Brush

A good value brush which is slightly taller than most. Contains real Hogs hair, which is coarser than badger hair.

Visitor comments

Superb shaving soap, makes a very thick, rich lather that shaves smoothly. Light menthol/eucalyptus scent, slightly cool on application. 5 oz. bowl lasts quite some time. The brush is actually an Omega #48, and uses a 30mm knot of boar bristles. For the price, this is a nicer brush than many cheap badger brushes, and a great solution for those who like a stiffer bristle. I have a big superbadger brush I use as well, and the Proraso brush performs just as well.[Jon, 18th June 2004]

I've been using Pre & After Shave cream for about a week now and I'm very impressed. The first time I put it on as a pre-shave I thought I'd packed my face in ice; truly invogorating. Used as a post-shave it had the same effect and did the job well. I've bought a bowl of the soap as well but haven't used it yet. [Peter Brown, 16th June 2004]


Proraso is available from Carter and Bond

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