Lacoste signs Alexa Chung for new female fragrance

16th June, 2010

Lacoste Fragrances has signed Alexa Chung to front its new female fragrance, launching globally in January 2011. Chung, 25, is New York-based TV presenter and model, is the first female celebrity to be signed as the face of a Lacoste fragrance.

“I’m very flattered that Lacoste invited me to model for its new female fragrance. I’ve always liked Lacoste’s casual chic image, so I’m excited to be representing the brand in this new campaign.” said Chung.

Tim Sayler, Associate Marketing Director for Lacoste Fragrances, added “We’re delighted to be working with Alexa as an ambassador for Lacoste as she perfectly encapsulates the brand’s youthful, modern image: stylish and vivacious with a free-spirited aura, she exudes an effortless dynamism that makes her the perfect fit with LACOSTE.”

Alexa is currently based in New York where she recently fronted her own magazine-style show for MTV: IT’S ON WITH ALEXA CHUNG. She can also be seen in the UK on E4 presenting a second series of FROCK ME alongside fashion designer Henry Holland, in which the fabulous duo celebrate the pick of fashion and music.

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    • Pour_Monsieur | 16th June 2010 18:19

      Obviously they offered her a nice big incentive as everyone knows she loves Chanel and Mulberry . Lacoste is a bit of a come down for her ...

    • CoL | 18th June 2010 23:07

      If they concentrated on making fragrances with a smattering of natural content, they might not need her! Lacoste have to be the most synthetic fragrances around. I have a few of em and don't expect anything ground breaking but come on Lacoste, spend some money on the content of the bottle for a change!!

    • Trebor | 24th June 2010 10:56

      Further proof that the fragrance industry is no different from any other: full of shite that reeks to high heaven. Alexa Chung, you may be able to lie through your teeth to the masses but you're nothing but a fake. Period.

    • beauregard | 7th July 2010 21:09

      Why oh why doesn't Lacoste bring back the Patou Lacoste. They tried with their Booster but it's not the same. It's a much cheaper version of the original. Like the original Lacoste polo shirt, don't sell out the brand again to Lacoste/Izod. It was a disaster for many decades. Bring back the Patou Lacoste. Revive yourself!!