Lush launch new brand: Gorilla Perfume, and ressurect B Never fragrances

by Grant Osborne, 28th June, 2010

Lush perfumers, Mark and Simon Constantine have been busy in the lab. First they have rescued some of the scents from the now-closed B Never Too Busy To Be Beaufiful, have created several new ones, and now these are to be launched together as a brand-within-a-brand in Lush stores this August. (website) will hold all the perfumes and ship worldwide.

Originally Mark wanted to call the new brand Guerrilla Perfume because he liked the title of the Basenotes interview of himself and his son Simon. His other son Jack came up with a better idea: "Guerrilla perfume? I could believe Gorilla perfume. And dad, you're just a gorilla."

The whole new range will be unveiled at a top-secret London location during a multisensory perfume event from the 14th to 18th of July. You can register for an invitation at

Tuca Tuca is the pre-release perfume of the collection. It is described as a flirtatious violet fragrance with notes of cassie, vanilla, sandalwood, vetivert, violet leaf and ylang ylang. It will be available from the 28th of June and retail at £23 for 30g and £11 for 9g.

This fragrance launch also coincides with a single release Gorilla Perfume's cover version of Raffaella Carra’s ‘Tuca Tuca’. According to Lush " This fabulously catchy Italian song and dance inspired the fragrance, so we wanted to pay our own homage. Vocals are by Mira Manga, of festival favourites ‘The Duloks’, and music is by renowned English folk band ‘The Imagined Village’ – one listen and you’ll be humming all week long!"

We'll feature more on the new Gorilla Scents at a later date.

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    • illyria | 28th June 2010 11:26

      Yay! That's good news.

      I registered, I'm looking forward to it.

      I think you mean the events are FROM the 14th to the 18th, Grant, not just ON those dates. I was given a choice of all those dates. (I'll be going on the 17th).

    • donna255 | 28th June 2010 19:19

      Please bring it to the stores so we can actually sniff them before buying.

    • Nukapai | 28th June 2010 21:58

      Tuca Tuca was launched in all 90 Lush UK stores today. It'll be available worldwide later this summer. :)

    • Derbyman | 29th June 2010 11:50

      I am keeping my fingers crossed that the fantastic 'Dirty' has been rescued from oblivion!

    • donna255 | 29th June 2010 12:58

      I found it in my local LUSH today and bought the small size.

      In the article is says this is 9ml but infact it is 10ml/10g

      It is not overly sweet as many violet fragrances are, there is sweetness of course.

      love it.

    • MissMagic | 1st July 2010 00:43

      :2vrolijk_08: EXCITING!!! I orderd a 9g of Tuca tuca yesterday! yay! :vrolijk_26:

    • Limony | 7th July 2010 18:52

      I registered but was given a location that is not convenient to me. I don't seem to be able to change it. Would anyone like my spot? 5-6pm next Thursday at Shoreditch Town Hall, Old Street, London.

    • illyria | 18th July 2010 13:13

      I went yesterday. Thanks to my lousy sense of direction and timekeeping, I missed my 'spot' by ten minutes. But as it turns out, that didn't matter at all! I just walked in, signed in (though nobody checked my name) and I was away. It's not as if they turn you away if you're not on 'the list'. Why not just try turning up, at a more convenient time for you?

    • illyria | 18th July 2010 13:50

      Well, I went to this event yesterday, and it was fun! The presenters are enthusiastic, the stories are good, the perfumes at the very least different and interesting, and I'd happily wear most of them. (@Derbyman - yes, Dirty is there, the only 'old' BNTBB scent on offer.)

      Of course, there's a shop at the end of the tour, in the time-honoured tradition started by Disneyland rides. ;-) But that's ok, there's no hard sell and it's nice to be able to get a sneak preview/chance to buy early. I got an Orange Blossom solid perfume, and a bottle of Old Delhi Station, one of the Smell of Freedom components. (Mind you, I'm not sure I would have used that name. I've been to Delhi Station, as in railway, and it does not smell nice! Something to do with the fact that the train toilets open directly on to the tracks...)

      Plus there are some exclusives, which you only buy at the events. And, there's booze! Each visitor gets a free delicious cocktail, in (of course) a bottle as used for Cocktail edt.

      I'd recommend that anyone interested go along. You will probably enjoy it, and you may even fall in love with a scent or two, as I did. (Be aware though that some, like the solid perfumes and one of the components of Smell of Freedom, have already sold out).

      Btw, disclaimer - I am in no way connected with Lush. I just enjoyed the event! ;-)

      The only downside for me was that the perfume I fell hardest for - The Actress, one of the Three Ladies trilogy - is only available as a VERY limited edition. Only five bottles of each were made, and the price is £1500 each. No, that is not a typo! I was very disappointed by this, as I'd been sniffing my scent strip throughout the walk around the other rooms, and had pretty much decided to get some. And apparently, though the scents will be available online, the price will not change. I was told that so far they haven't sold a single bottle of the Three Ladies. Hmm, d'ya think? :-)

      Mark, Simon - these are such beautiful scents! So please consider making them a bit more widely available, at a more accessible price point. I'm not saying cheap - I'd probably be happy to buy it at or near Amouage prices, as I expect the ingredients are part of the reason for the cost. I can see Gorilla doing a luxury range like that. But when I think of Lush/Gorilla, I don't think of this kind of uber-high-priced exclusive. And I'm sure I won't be alone in that.

    • Derbyman | 19th July 2010 13:56

      Thanks illyria - I'm so glad that 'Dirty' is not gone forever! It is the scent of two magical holidays I spent with my girlfriend in California and the thought of never being able to smell it again made me sad! I'll be first in line to buy more when it's available online or in the shops...!

    • kbe | 27th August 2010 19:10

      I received my 16(!) 2ml splash sample vials of Gorilla Perfumes fragrances this morning.

















      WOOHOO!! :2vrolijk_08:

      I will be sampling them all soon.