Old Spice owning social media

by Grant Osborne, 15th July, 2010

Not content with producing possible the best scent commercials this year, Old Spice is going one step further: The Old Spice You Tube channel now features Old Spice Man (Isaiah Mustafa) answering questions posted to him via the Old Spice Twitter and Facebook pages. So far Mustafa has answered over 100 questions including ones from Alyssa Milano, Perez Hilton and Demi Moore.

As a result, Old Spice has become one of the top trends on Twitter and the top viewed channel on You Tube today.

Have you asked Old Spice man a question? Here are a selection of responses...

Added: Here's an interesting article on Read Write Web about the creation process of this social media campaign.

From that article:

Tait (Iain Tait, Global Interactive Creative Director at Wieden) says that Old Spice parent company Proctor & Gamble exhibited incredible bravery in allowing his team to write marketing content in real time, with little to no supervision.

"There is such great trust [between the companies]," he said. "But we are being very responsible. They have given us a set of guidelines and if we get close to the edges we contact them."

Anyway, I'm on a horse...

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    • CoL | 15th July 2010 11:23

      LOL! These are great aren't they! Very clever indeed!:grin:

    • Iseult | 18th July 2010 19:24

      I hear they employ an entire stable of comedy writers to respond to all the comments in real-time. What a great idea and what an opportunity!

      Good comedy writers are always in demand; Jon Stewart, take note.

      Finally, someone is doing something to CREATE jobs instead of handing out bailout money and hoping that jobs will be created ... in the abstract, by somebody or other, somewhere else.

    • LaNose | 24th July 2010 22:49

      Who's this cutie and where's he from?