Jennifer Aniston to launch debut fragrance at Harrods on Wednesday

by Grant Osborne, 16th July, 2010

Over a year after fragrance rumours started circulating, Jennifer Aniston launches her debut fragrance next week exclusively at Harrods. The fragrance is inspired by Aniston's memories and was created by perfumers at IFF. “I wanted this fragrance to be a personal library of scent memories. For example, my love of night blooming jasmine has lasted a lifetime. Growing up in California, I distinctly remember the scent of the jasmine on summer evenings,” says Aniston.

The fragrance has top notes of citrus grove and rose water, middle notes of blooming jasmine, violets and Amazon lily; and finally, base notes include a sensual musk, golden amber and sandalwood.

Leon Falic of licensee, Falic Group said “Jennifer showed clear vision for the fragrance from the outset. Her references evoke her love of the natural world and the fragrance celebrates her as an intelligent, natural beauty whose strength and elegance are unparalleled. It was a pleasure to work with her on this beautiful fragrance,”

The bottle was created by David Lipman and is said to reference "the flow of a Frank Gehry building combined with the fluidity and organic form of a cresting wave."

“Translating Jennifer’s vision and her life into one of the most sensory experiences

is a wonderful project. Her clarity and passions lend themselves so naturally to a fragrance. I think together we have created something unique and intoxicating that is truly impactful,” said David Lipman.

The fragrance is supported by a campaign created by David Lipman and shot by Mario Sorrenti.

Jennifer Aniston’s debut fragrance will launch exclusively in Harrods and on on Wednesday 21st July 2010. The launch coincides with the promotion of Jennifer’s latest film, The Switch, in which she both produces and stars.

Previous reports have stated that the fragrances name would be Lolavie, and have shown the name printed on the bottle. The information we have received makes no mention of this name either in the promotional literature, nor on the bottle itself. Basenotes is unsure whether the name has been dropped, or will only be used in some markets, but if we find out we will report back.

The fragrance will be released in three sizes 30ml - £23, 50ml - £29 and 85ml - £36.

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    • Vladdypwnz | 19th July 2010 02:52

      Sheepfolk is about to get played for their money.

    • DavidBond007 | 23rd July 2010 06:33

      Usually celeb scents are not that great, they use their name to sell the product.

    • pansylady | 24th July 2010 21:29

      Wow, guys- talk about pre-judging something-

      all in agreement, even without smelling it- yeah, sounds pretty "sheepish" to me...

    • PawelL | 26th July 2010 21:12

      Seemingly, another tame generic fragrance.