New from Roxana Illuminated Perfume: Gracing the Dawn

20th July, 2010

Indie botanical perfume artist Roxana Villa will launch her newest fragrance Gracing the Dawn on opening night of the San Diego Comic Convention, July 21st. The perfume is part of a series titled Flowers of Fortune associated with artwork by her award winning husband Greg Spalenka.

The fragrance and inspired image is called Gracing the Dawn, a reference to the Three Graces from Greek mythology. Fantastical butterflies sit on the bough of a tree with freshly opened blossoms just as the first light of dawn illuminates the sky. The first edition of the 7ml flacons will feature a tincture of violets created this last Spring.

Gracing the Dawn is a floral chypre featuring a bouquet of some of the most expensive botanical aromatics found on planet earth. The perfume is velvety and sultry evoking a vintage from days long gone or perhaps an alternate dimension where we glimpse luminous winged sprites on a wet, black bough.

A myriad of exotic essences are artfully woven in this composition including Cestrum nocturnum, Night Queen, from South India. The main notes in this botanical medley include violet, mimosa, wood, and Italian bergamot.

Gracing the Dawn will be available as a liquid perfume extrait in .25ml, 1 ml and the 7ml flacon at Roxana's E-shop

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    • Primrose | 20th July 2010 15:32

      How nice to have a new natural perfume. I wish it great success. I do, however, find a disconnect in the inspiration and the imagery of the Three Graces. I would have liked to have seen some images inspired by Greek legends, the three graceful women. Maybe I have been looking at those Lalique bottle for too long...

      I do enjoy chypres and violet notes, so this is good news.

      (The fairy image wore me out in Paris Hilton and Van Cleef and Arpels, sadly.)