Two New Fragrances by Otto Kern: Egoluxe

by Sandra Rose, 26th July, 2010

Otto Kern has announced two new fragrances, Egoluxe for men and for women. The fragrances have been created by licensee, Maurer & Wirtz.

Egoluxe Woman , is said to be refreshingly fruity and modern, composed of soft and feminine flowers. The Egoluxe Woman range consists of a 30ml and 50ml Eau de Toilette priced €17.75 and €26.50 respectively, and a 30ml Eau de Parfum priced €22.00.

Also available in a deodorant spray 75ml, Silk Shower 200ml and Body Lotion 200ml, each priced at €11.25

Egoluxe Man is said to begin with a refreshing cool but spicy blend of top notes that lead to a balanced composition of hot/cold with the addition of warm woody notes. The men’s range consists of a 30ml and 50ml Eau de Toilette priced €17.75 and €26.50 respectively and a 50ml aftershave lotion priced €19.75.

Also available in a 100ml deodorant spray and 200ml Hair and Body Shampoo each priced at €11.25

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    • PawelL | 26th July 2010 21:09

      Nice simple bottles.

      Scent-wise, however, I don't expect them to turn out anything special.

    • Calyx93 | 27th July 2010 05:15

      Fruity, modern, cool but spicy, woody - yawn.

    • Un profumo affettuoso | 27th July 2010 20:43

      Tried them both some days ago - totally nondescript, even below average.

    • CanwllCorfe | 31st July 2010 02:29

      Cool? Spicy? Woody? Now THIS sounds interesting :grin:

    • jcastano | 8th August 2010 05:37

      Wow, it sounds pretty promising and for the price, you cant go wrong! I cant wait to buy this! I wonder where I can order this!?