Gorilla Perfume at Lush kicks off with a set of 7 samples for £7 (Plus giveaway!)

by Grant Osborne, 02nd August, 2010

Gorilla Perfume at Lush was created to showcase the perfumery of Mark and Simon Constantine with the aim of getting people excited about good quality perfume. Lush say "We believe great perfumes are like works of art. They are memorable, inspiring and delightful."

Lush add that "Gorilla Perfume offers a refreshing approach to an industry whereby packaging and advertising are too often the focus. With Gorilla, perfume is the point.". And to give people the opportunity to try the scents they are offering a limited edition sample pack of 7 samples. The seven scents are the ones that will be available in the Gorilla range.

Imogen Rose, Orange Blossom, Lust, Tuca Tuca, Karma and Vanillary will also be available in UK Lush stores nationwide from the 13th of August. International launch dates to follow.

The full range will available at gorillaperfume.com will include:

  • NEW: Imogen Rose – Inspired by Simon’s daughter, Imogen Rose is an exquisite rose perfume with dry vetivert notes and a powdery amber accord.

  • NEW: Orange Blossom - Fresh orange blossom and neroli perfume, with honeyed and woody notes, that smells like a distilled Mediterranean moment.

  • NEW: Lust – Carnal and sexy jasmine with an indolic character; rich floral notes and a soft, woody base.

  • NEW: Tuca Tuca – Feminine and flirty violet perfume with violet leaf, cassie and vanilla to evoke memories of that first intoxicating crush.

  • NEW (gorillaperfume.com exclusive): The Smell of Weather Turning – The perfume that captures a thunderstorm in reverse, with a fresh scent of rain on grass that develops a dark, smoky character and back into a smell of sweet hay.

  • NEW:The Smell of Freedom - Opens with a fresh, herbal accord and reveals its complex, spicy and woody nature as it warms on your skin. It's a masterpiece of profound complexity and beauty.

  • Karma – The trippy signature Lush scent of pine, patchouli and orange.

  • Vanillary – The sweet and sensual vanilla perfume with floral and smoky notes.

  • Flower Market - a re-launched Retro Lush fragrance, inspired by Audrey Hepburn and the Covent Garden flower market.

  • Icon - An intoxicating blend of citrus and resins. Another Retro Lush fragrance,

  • Ginger - One of the first fine fragrances from the Constantine stable, Ginger was launched back in the Cosmetics to Go days. It's a fresh, uplifting ginger root scent.

Several of the B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful fragrances will also be available again. Full list of these to follow.

Basenotes Plus members have chance to win a set of the 7 samples currently on offer., Find out how to enter in this thread here. We have 10 to give away - when they're gone they're gone!

The next Gorilla gallery event will take place in New York on the week commencing 20th of September. More details to follow

Further information about Gorilla can be found at the Gorilla Perfume and Lush websites.

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    • Zibeline | 2nd August 2010 15:56

      I am very excited about this new Lush line especially Imogen Rose. I'm a great fan of rose scents but find that many are too bogged down in big supporting bouquets. This one seems to be a great but simple combination!

    • Mimi Gardenia | 2nd August 2010 16:31

      It'll be very interesting to explore this new line. Thanks Grant. :)

    • Limony | 2nd August 2010 16:34

      I'll be very annoyed if my sample set includes Karma and Vaniliary as these have been around for ages. I'm looking forward to The Smell of Weather Turning. And I've had another go at Tuca Tuca; it definitely has a leather note but I don't think I like it. (That means that I'll love it in about a year as B Scents have a way of creeping up on you.)

    • donna255 | 2nd August 2010 19:05

      I bought Tuca Tuca and have to say I love it. For me violets and a patchouli thing going on, didn't get leather.

    • odysseusm | 3rd August 2010 22:09

      A couple of these definitely get my attention: Smell of Weather Turning, also Smell of Freedom and good ol' Icon.

    • Agnes | 4th August 2010 09:09

      Have just recieved my samples and 'Smell of Freedom' has me enchanted. So complex, I will see how it develops over the next hour! Imogen Rose is very sweet but orange blossom is enchanting. I am excited about trying them all over the next week! Buy them while they are reasonably priced.

    • Nukapai | 4th August 2010 11:16

      The giveaway is all gone now, thanks to those who sent in for it! :)

    • Grant (article author) | 4th August 2010 11:35

      Cheers Pia!

    • Limony | 7th August 2010 14:42

      I got my sample set and was disappointed. Firstly, the sample set included Vanilliary and Karma, which have been around for ages. The scents are a bit literal, they don't have the complexity and strange juxtapositions of the B Scents, which I admired a lot. The names are literal too, for the most part.

      I found Imogen Rose slightly sour but then I don't get on with rose. Orange Blossom has a lovely top note, similar to Jo Malone's French Lime Blossom, and it stays dense and creamy if you like that sort of thing. Freedom smelt like a cologne. Lust was the most interesting. Up close it smelt of jasmine and little else but in general it reminded me a lot of Chinatown. Whether you find it sexy depends how you feel about jasmine: I find it an introverted and melancholy floral.

      I'm afraid I scrubbed each one of them off my wrist.

      Hopefully, the weather scent will be more abstract and interesting.

    • 30 Roses | 25th August 2010 18:45

      I've been doing mini-tests of them and so far my favorite from the newer ones is The Smell of Weather Turning-- this is highly wearable. My husband and daughter like it as well.

      Among the earlier ones, I like Ladyboy (on my skin, violets with celery seed, an interesting twist on violets), Icon (mellow!) and Vanillary (unusual for me, as I normally can't tolerate vanilla scents.)