New Brand: Cherry Bomb Killer Perfume

by Grant Osborne, 18th August, 2010

Maria McElroy of (Aroma M) and Alexis Karl (of Scents by Alexis) have teamed up to create a new fragrance brand: Cherry Bomb Killer Perfume. The brand was founded by the pair while listening to the Runaways one day in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

They say,All that talk about girls being sweet as sugar? Well, we’ve got another idea, girls that are sweet and spicy, cute and strong. You’re the kind of girl that isn’t with the band…you are the band. You’re a Cherry Bomb girl, one who loves rock n’ roll, can stand on her own, knows what girl power means, and loves it!

So follow us with your leopard prints, converse and band T’s. We’ll show you a perfume that’s made just for you. For girls with a bit of glam and glams with a bit of punk...we're Cherry Bomb Killer Perfume, and we’re ready to rock!

The line consists of two fragrances Rebel Angel and Truth or Dare"

Rebel Angel (Vanilla Crème Puff, Magnolia and Honey oils.)You stand there strumming your shiny black electric guitar, watching the crowd. The spotlights burst on stage; you smile angelically, and hit the first chords. The crowd goes crazy. You’re sweet sugar cookies and dark honeys, the sweat of the stage, ripped band T’s and vinyl pants. You’re A Rebel Angel and you wear your attitude like a rock star.

Truth or Dare (Brown Sugar, Honeysuckle and Vanilla oils.)“Truth or Dare!" You say, and take dare…tasting vanilla on his lips in the warm summer sun, the scent of honeysuckles and brown sugar in the air. You're a Cherry Bomb Girl. You always take dare.

Both scents come in heart bottles with keychain tops that you can hook onto your jeans or hang around your neck. They also come in glass jars in perfume solid; both perfect for touching up after class or clubbing…

Hanging Heart Bottles: $55.00

Perfume Solids: $35.00

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    • gmb | 18th August 2010 13:54

      Comfortable "rebellion" pre-packaged for sale to the tween set. Truly evil.

    • shoegal68 | 18th August 2010 15:29

      absolutely geared toward the tweenies, reminds me of everything I wanted to be at 14.

    • rogalal | 19th August 2010 05:56

      These sound awful. Vanilla creme puff as the main note? Glurgh...

    • miss-little-miss | 24th August 2010 14:56

      Yes, I highly doubt Joan Jett would be wearing something remotely smelling like this. Joan was once in a band called The Runaways and one of their hits was called 'Cherry Bomb' which wasn't Joan's idea whatsoever. She didn't look like the type to care about perfume...and if she wore anything I would imagine it would be something a little less 'feminine' and more androgynous.

    • Jitterbug Perfume Lover | 24th August 2010 23:45

      Gosh, I wonder how we could ask her? Now, I'd love to know what she wears. I'd imagine it'd have leather and hyacinth notes. Leather because, well duh, and hyacinth because it's a winter flower so they're tough but beautiful.

    • miss-little-miss | 25th August 2010 00:03

      Hey Jitterbug,

      Maybe you should work on that? Sounds bizarre and I like it ;) Leather and hyacinth...hmm. Whatever it would be, it would not be gourmand! Leather, pipe, incense, hyancinth, herb a la Joan and musk. (?) haha!

    • Kiliwia | 26th August 2010 05:25

      I googled Joan Jett/perfume and it says that Joan Jett liked Nahema by Guerlain.

    • rosbergs3 | 27th August 2010 16:08

      Hello daddy hello mom i'm your ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!!!!!

    • Jitterbug Perfume Lover | 28th August 2010 03:06

      Wow. Now I have to try Nahema. It sounds gorgeous because I love love love edgy rose creations.

    • miss-little-miss | 28th August 2010 04:59


      Yeah, well I haven't actually made the perfume yet like you have!!!! You are something else! :)

    • Jitterbug Perfume Lover | 29th August 2010 10:32

      It was expensive too!!! I hoarde it, and now I only wear it on the days I feel like being silly/sexy/goofy/fun. It actually smells gorgeous, but I just like it mostly because of the story, really. I forgot to mention that when I was in New Orleans in the French Quarter, I went into the Hove shop because it looks exactly like what was described in the book, and sure enough, Tom Robbins was there and they told me that he bought RADIANCE, which is why I bought it too. I love love love it!

    • MrP | 1st September 2010 06:38

      Man, reading that ad copy... Those are some sad little identity images conjured up there. I mean, shallow and weak, false bravado, conformist, craving external validation.

    • msmith139 | 20th December 2010 15:20

      Nahema...the perfect rose with perhaps no rose at all in the composition. It has often been speculated that this bigger than life rose scent really contains no rose at of the all time greats...It takes a gutsy person to wear this fabulous fragrance so it makes sense that Joan Jett would love this...feminine in the way that only strong women can be...outrageous, entertaining and just plain beautiful