Victoria's Secret announce new fragrance, Bombshell

by Grant Osborne, 23rd September, 2010

Victoria's Secret have announced a new fragrance, Bombshell. Victoria's Secret Beauty's VP of Product Innovation, Mark Knitowski, collaborated with Givaudan to create the scent which is described by the company as a "Fruity Floral Aromatic".

Notes include Shangri-la Yellow Peony from China, Purple Passionfruit from the Brazilian jungle, Vanilla Orchid, "Italian Sunstruck Pine" and "Ligurian Coast Pine".

"Together, the sparkling fruits are balanced by sultry warmth for a fresh sensuality that is confident, sexy, glamorous and ultra-feminine," says Knitowski. "We designed this fragrance to be instantly memorable, one of a kind. Just like a Victoria's Secret Bombshell."

Victoria's Secret Beauty President Shashi Batra counts Victoria's Secret Bombshell as yet another way to cement the brand's established success in the perfume market. "Dream Angels Heavenly is America's number-one fragrance, and we've won FIFI Awards for two years running: Love Rocks in 2010 and Sexy Little Things Noir in 2009," says Batra. "Victoria's Secret Bombshell takes our fragrance portfolio to another level. Our customers love it and we expect great things."

Victoria's Secret Bombshell is available now.

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    • Grant Osborne | 23rd September 2010 09:48

      You can view the page at [url=][/url]

    • Indie_Guy | 23rd September 2010 19:12

      I just smelled this on a lady the other day. I told her she smelled nice and asked her what she was wearing-- she told me Victoria's Secret Bombshell. To me, I thought it smelled somewhat like Un Jardin En Mediterranee on her skin. Somewhat herbaceous, cedary and diffuse. Not bad.

    • Geldachron | 17th January 2011 13:35

      To me, anything that Alissandra Ambrosio does a promotion for can only be good. I am curious to what it smells like.