Ormonde Jayne goes for gold: Launches scented dusting powder made with 24 carat gold.

by Sandra Rose, 27th September, 2010

Ormonde Jayne have introduced Gold Dust, described as an opulent dusting powder made with 24 carat gold. The dust is housed in a black lacquered handmade gold box crafted by British carpenters, and is accompanied by a lavish puff, hand sewn in French satin, with a champagne coloured marabou feather trim.

Gold Dust is perfumed with the scent of Ta’if Rose. The scent is a warm, sophisticated Floral Oriental, with notes of saffron, pink pepper, rose, dark tree resins and patchouli. Ta’if Roses are a rare and exotic flower, only harvested during the month of April, and are handpicked early each morning five thousand feet above the shores of the Red Sea, overlooking the Arabian Desert. It takes ten thousand Ta’if rose petals to make just 10ml of Ta’if Rose Oil.

"[Gold Dust is] ‘the ultimate in decadence and glamour for that bit of vampish femme fatale in all of us" says Linda Pilkington, creator and owner of Ormonde Jayne, who was inspired to create the product after reading about François Coty.

Ormonde Jayne also present Gold Crème, a sparkling crème for the décolleté and shoulders, scented with Orris Noir, or Ta’if. The Crème gives skin a delicately fragranced golden shimmer. Gold Crème is a relaunch (of Parfum d’Or Naturel) with a new formulation & packaging.

Gold Dust will be priced at £400 for 15ml, Gold Crème will be priced at £56 for 15ml

Both stocked exclusively at Ormonde Jayne, Harrods, Black Hall, London SW1X 7XL

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    • Francop | 30th September 2010 23:53

      True Luxury is here...thanks Sandra...opulent and decadent...just like Harrods !!!:rolleyesold: