A*Men Pure Malt - back for now... but the next fragrance in the Pure line is really smokin'!

by Grant Osborne, 04th October, 2010

Some Basenoters have been recently excited, as cult-fragrance-favourite, A*Men Pure Malt has returned for a short while. If you ever hang around the Men's Fragrance forum on Basenotes you may not have noticed it's even been gone due to the large amount of threads relating to this spin-off scent. We had so many, we even started a dedicated sub-forum!

So, Pure Malt fans listen up, as we have some important news....

Pure Malt is is expected to be discontinued early 2011 to make way for the next Pure fragrance. Our sources tell us that the next fragrance to follow on from Pure Coffee and Pure Malt will be Angel Men Pure Havane.

We'll follow up when we get more on Pure Havane.

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    • scentimus | 5th October 2010 02:04

      Now this sounds interesting Pure Havane - I see a scent of a fine cigar blended with Angel Men!

    • ceekay | 5th October 2010 13:12

      Crap - I thought I was done buying flankers. :/

    • Kerosene | 5th October 2010 18:56

      Ew. A*men mixed with tobacco.

    • Guest 3 | 5th October 2010 20:15

      I have never sniffed Pure Malt, but I love the coffee one. Pure Malt sounds heavenly. And now Havane...that one sounds great, too!

    • Daryl J. | 6th October 2010 07:09

      I'm almost willing to bet it comes off as a ready to be smoked, rich pipe tobacco. If it's as you describe, I'll heartily agree.

    • archelon | 6th October 2010 20:26

      hmmm. lets seee. probably will smell like M7 with caramel

    • Francop | 6th October 2010 21:00

      I look forward to it too...cuban cigars with perhaps some brandy/cognac notes...yum yum...

    • Riley | 12th October 2010 06:01

      I am so in :coolold:

    • menyc | 19th April 2011 00:45

      Your avatar popped up as I was listening to Technique. Dreams never die.