Royal Mail becomes Sensational

by Sandra Rose, 06th October, 2010

Royal Mail have announced their new direct marketing products that can potentially engage consumers on more than one sensory level. The concept, titled Sensational Mail, will offer the latest micro-encapsulation technology to capture a fragrance on a variety of materials (including paper, plastic and metal) that will be released upon the consumers touch. They will also be offering direct marketing that will target the senses of taste and hearing.

The lead time to create a fragranced mail shot will be approximately 8 weeks, which is increased significantly in the case of bespoke fragrance. Prices start at 60p per item, and there will be a 10,000 item minimum order.

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      • Persolaise | 6th October 2010 11:41

        Thanks for this.

        I've heard of similar stories before, including one about a water cooler hire company that commissioned someone to create a 'clean, aquatic' scent which they then used to douse their bills and invoices!

      • Craig | 6th October 2010 14:56

        It's a far better idea than when they changied their name to Consignia and then back to Royal Mail, which lost them a lot of money.

      • Francop | 6th October 2010 20:41

        Interesting times ahead...:coolold:

      • NevilleM | 9th October 2010 10:11

        At least the shredder will smell nice.

        The smell of the black horse?

      • Valerie | 12th October 2010 08:19

        A waste of time,maybe stop sacking posties and get better services instead .