Preview of the next Scratch + Sniff : Plus photo's from last month's event

by Grant Osborne, 14th October, 2010

Basenotes is pleased to announce the next Scratch+Sniff event. This time, the theme is movies:

“How could I have known that murder can sometimes smell like honeysuckle?”

- Double Indemnity, dir. Billy Wilder, 1944.

The event is organised by 'Odette Toilette' who says:

From the golden age of the silent film to the contemporary blockbuster, we’re going to bring alive the sights and sounds of Hollywood by immersing ourselves in the fragrance of the movies. What does a Western smell like? Or a Sci Fi film? What perfume would a Femme Fatale wear? And can we recreate the smoky, booze-ridden smell of a 1940s MGM studio? Get ready to sit back and enjoy some iconic movie scenes, before transporting yourself into the setting using little more than fragrances and your mind. Featuring James Craven, perfume archivist of independent perfumery Les Senteurs, who will be your host in this technicolour tour. Ruby Slippers provided to help you home to Kansas afterwards.

We're going to be thinking about film genres, and whether these can be encapsulated by perfume

We'll be talking about the culture of the Movie Studio 'dictatorships' which flourished in the 30's - 50s and the experiences of its starlets and leading actors. How they became brands and how scent was a part of that.

Plus how to enhance your experience of a film by thinking 'smell'. We're going to do this in a different way to the Scratch'n'Sniff cinema events that Peter Greenaway pioneered.

Going to be a highly interactive session with lots of opportunities to smell loads of great perfumes.

Details of the next S+S event are here in our events diary, and more details can be found on the website, where you can also book tickets.

To get you in the mood, here are some photos from last month's 1920's fragrance event by Dana Gornitzki.

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    • NevilleM | 16th October 2010 09:20

      Hello me (in photo 6 red and white stripes) :vrolijk_26:

      It was good.

      Some people had come along as a result of Time Out and other advertising - so they were newbies, maybe with an interest in the 20s or just liked the name. Little sample bottles and sample strips may change their lives - it will be interesting to see if they turn up for the next one.

      For completeness (particularly for the newbies) in a story of the 20s we should have finished with Chanel No.5.

    • OdetteToilette | 16th October 2010 10:14

      Hi Neville

      You're right, we should have included No.5. I was going to talk about it and then it COMPLETELY slipped my mind. Oops. Thanks so much for coming and glad you enjoyed it. It's completely my aim with this to get lots of newbies along - going to do something with the Guardian which will hopefully bring in more peeps not previously into perfume.

    • Jitterbug Perfume Lover | 26th October 2010 07:39

      That looks fun and different and very interesting. I wish we could do one in Los Angeles soon, especially Hollywood is the birthplace of the cinema.