Aramis introduce Impeccable

by Sandra Rose, 26th October, 2010

Aramis introduce a new Eau de Toilette for men this month, Impeccable. The idea that inspired the fragrance was that ‘a man doesn’t need a specific occasion to be impeccable,’ says Trudi Loren, Vice President of Corporate Fragance Development Wordwide.

The fragrance has rich notes of Moroccan cedar wood, black pepper, juniper berry, and citrus zest. A finely tailored tuxedo is the basis for the elegant packaging, complete with the classic golden lettering of Aramis.

Available from October in 110ml – price to be confirmed

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    • Francop | 26th October 2010 22:54

      Beautiful bottle...I look forward to trying this scent; sounds like another classic scent might be about to be born...:smiley:

    • Geldachron | 29th October 2010 13:00

      Sounds nice! I supose it'll be a hard one to find in my region. I'll do my best to find it though!!

    • timaru | 29th October 2010 17:15

      VERY interested in this new gem. Hopefully as good as it sounds.

    • karazzmatic | 5th June 2012 04:58

      Hi. I just got this and, I must say, it IS impeccable! I am still learning to discern my notes, but this is a slightly sweet, dry, yet elegant fragrance. It is like wearing a Moscato d'Asti or a nice brut!

      The juniper is complemented by the citrus (tangerine or clementine if I had to guess) and the black pepper plays the background while the cedar chimes in enough to stop the other notes from taking over. It is like a well-trained jazz quartet or quintet- and there is little to no improv here by the elements, in my opinion.

      It is very classy yet playful; slightly flirty, yet dignified. I was surprised by how non-Aramis-like this scent is. It is a well-crafted scent that may fly under the radar, but I highly recommend this.