Live Tweeting from tonight's Scratch + Sniff event

by Grant Osborne, 26th October, 2010

Tonight's Scratch and Sniff event is now sold out - but for those of you on Twitter unable to make it, Basenotes will be tweeting live from the event. Tonight's theme is fragrance and the movies, and is presented by James Craven who is the expert from Les Senteurs.

Founder of Scratch + Sniff, Lizzie Ostrom says of tonight event:

From the golden age of the silent film to the contemporary blockbuster, we’re going to bring alive the sights and sounds of Hollywood by immersing ourselves in the fragrance of the movies. What does a Western smell like? Or a Sci Fi film? What perfume would a Femme Fatale wear? And can we recreate the smoky, booze-ridden smell of a 1940s MGM studio? Get ready to sit back and enjoy some iconic movie scenes, before transporting yourself into the setting using little more than fragrances and your mind. Featuring James Craven, perfume archivist of independent perfumery Les Senteurs, who will be your host in this technicolour tour. Ruby Slippers provided to help you home to Kansas afterwards.

Pictures from the last event can be found here, and you can follow our tweets for tonight at

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