Amouage launch official Facebook page and offers sneaky peek of Opus IV, which will raise funds for HIV/AIDS awareness

by Grant Osborne, 02nd November, 2010

Fragrance house Amouage have launched an official Facebook page, which offers a place to share news and Amouage information for users of the popular social network site. Creative Director of Amouage, Christopher Chong announced the page on his Twitter account, stating "Since there are so many wannabe Amouage Facebook pages I have just started The Real Amouage Page. Official with all the trimmings!!!". One of the trimmings includes a sneak peek at the next Library fragrance: Opus IV.

No information about the actual scent is given, however the promotional image states that 50% of the profits of Opus IV will be used to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, and that the fragrance will launch on December 1st (World AIDS Day)

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    • Francop | 2nd November 2010 22:14

      Very impressed with Amouage !!!

      Yes, lots of boys will take note of that...:coolold:

    • SculptureOfSoul | 2nd November 2010 22:17

      They just updated the page with this information:

      "Opus IV is a Spicy and Woody Oriental with a fresh and bright opening."

    • Francop | 2nd November 2010 23:09

      Bet it is delicious...:smiley:

    • chocolateguy | 3rd November 2010 02:20

      I will feel happier when I buy a new Amouage.

    • rickbr | 3rd November 2010 12:05

      Brave for Amouage for launching a fragrance which raise funds for a noble cause.

      But I`m afraid that they do a spicy and woody oriental fragrance as boring as Opus II. If the perfumer of this is the same of Opus II, i`ll pass.

    • SculptureOfSoul | 3rd November 2010 13:29

      I don't have a Facebook account but I would massively appreciate it if someone who did would ask Amouage if they could throw us a small bone and tell us who the perfumer for the scent is.

    • Grant (article author) | 5th November 2010 14:41

      Christopher Chong has just informed me that they collaborated with Jacques Flori, who did Etro's Messe de Minuit, amongst others.

      We'll be putting more on the site later

    • Persolaise | 18th November 2010 13:25

      I've just posted a mini-preview on my blog, in case anyone's inetersted.