Krigler launch oud fragrance

by Grant Osborne, 04th November, 2010

New York-based perfumery, Krigler, have announced the launch of their latest fragrance. The unisex scent is named Oud For Highness 75 and is a re-edition of a custom scent originally created in 1975 in honor of its Royal Highness of Jordan.

Oud For Highness 75 contains ingredients of crushed royal asian Oud, amber, sandalwood, saffron and honey. The fragrance is $185 for 50ml.

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    • Francop | 4th November 2010 21:38

      I bet this scent is of incredible quality; I would love to be able to sample it if available...:cheesy:

    • 6of1 | 4th November 2010 21:44

      Wow, very excited for this. I will probably blind buy when the free income is available...

      @Francop: It isn't on their website yet, but they do offer samples of everything else, so it is reasonable to believe that samples will be available as soon as it is added to their online store.

    • Francop | 4th November 2010 21:59

      Thanks very much Foxy...I have also just had a look on their website and shall wait for this new scent to be added and will then get a sample...I shall then be reviewing...thanks...:cheesy:

    • 6of1 | 4th November 2010 22:52

      Looking forward to that review! :thumbup:

    • NevilleM | 17th November 2010 18:19

      Ordered samples.

      Initial impression is that OFH75 smells as lovely and oudhy as you'd expect but fades after a few hours. Good Fir 11, Established Cognac 66 and Cosy Cedar Wood 72 also proved interesting of the 8 samples.