Reed Krakoff teams up with Lauder to create $695 fragrance

by Grant Osborne, 17th November, 2010

Designer Reed Krakoff is to release a fragrance exclusive to his boutiques. The fragrance , which has been developed with Estee Lauder and perfume house IFF contains top notes of black pepper, bright aldehydes, neroli extract; a heart of French hyacinth absolute, white peony and violet leaf extract. The base includes vetiver heart, vetiver absolute and orris concrete.

The fragrance is available in a Murano bottle, with a choice of four colours limited to 100 of each colour at $695 each.

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    • Francop | 17th November 2010 19:53

      Vow...!!! Sounds like expensive juice but bet it is worth it...:wink:

      Are there any pics available...? :smiley:

    • Calyx93 | 22nd November 2010 17:06

      How precious - and why stop there? Why not nestle the bottles in boxes made of solid agarwood, lined with the pelts of unborn snow leopards.

    • LaNose | 29th November 2010 01:03

      Are these folks kidding? We're still in a steep recession. This is for the rich, solely.

    • ysatis | 29th November 2010 01:12

      But they hope for rich Russians and other trumps.

    • le mouchoir de monsieur | 30th November 2010 01:31

      I smelled the perfume, I saw the bottle: Everything Reed Krakoff does has an inherent intelligence in it--yes, the man is an elitist, but can you blame him after toiling for so many years for COACH? RK has taken an enormous amount of abuse from the fashion press and many other sources for launching his high end luxury line amid a recession. I wonder what they said to Jean Patou when he unleashed JOY amid the Great Depression? My Opinion: All of you, just get a grip already. If truth be told, Reed Krakoff's creations are VERY reasonably priced for their quality and workmanship. Interested in challenging that theory? Go comparison shopping before banging away at your key boards. Compare a RK handbag and an Hermes one, or any designer for that matter. As for the perfume, it is a very subtle skin scent--a whispery, secretive sort of thing: Smells a bit like pencil shavings soaking in rose water with a casablanca lily in the semi distance. The bottle and packaging are superb: Why the "Oh, Brother!'s"? You get quite a bit of "exquisite" for $695.00--and if it makes you happy, that's cheap. Harp on about "rich people" and "starving children" ? You may as well go outside in a baseball cap and a boiler suit and chant for the arrival of the real live Big Brother--because--trust me: He's coming. Can't we just enjoy our $695.00 meaningless indulgences before that kind of thing carries a mandatory Death Sentence?