Men's Health Australia launch fragrance

by Grant Osborne, 25th November, 2010

Men's Health in Australia have launched a fragrance to coincide with an eight-page fragrance feature in their December issue. Men's Health Australia editor, Bruce Ritchie told Ad News "MH For Men fragrance provides a first-of-its-kind way for Men’s Health to extend our brand beyond the pages of our magazine and into the everyday lives of our readers."

The fragrance feature notes of lavender, citrus, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, amber and oakmoss.

Australian Basenoters can try the fragrance on a scent strip in the December issue of Men's Health which was available from last Monday.

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    • scentimus | 25th November 2010 02:13

      This bottle looks 100% like High Intensity for men by Mary Kay Cosmetics

    • AppleNerd | 25th November 2010 03:42

      sounds like a run of the mill fresh scent with a musky drydown.

    • Sorcery of Scent | 25th November 2010 09:02

      I will have to try this in the mag, purely and simply because it is locally available.

    • Francop | 25th November 2010 18:00

      Sounds very freh and sporty...:cheesy:

    • jbthorpe | 8th December 2010 03:19

      I was just logging in to make that exact same statement.