Kenzo launch limited edition of FlowerbyKenzo

by Grant Osborne, 20th December, 2010

Flowerbykenzo Winter Flowers is a limited festive edition presented in enchanted house packaging. The scent contains notes of Mimosa, honey hints, Camellia, green floral notes, Hellebore rose, powdery aromas.

Kenzo's Christmas Fairytale House with Flowerbykenzo Winter Flowers, is available now exclusively at Harrods (£41.00 for 50ml).

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    • Francop | 20th December 2010 20:57

      Very cute inded...I wonder what the juice is like...sounds festive and wintry...:smiley:

    • eatigs | 22nd December 2010 16:29

      So glad Winter Flowers is back - it was very hard to find for a while there! Lovely, powdery, strange flanker, with almost "flat" mimosa note and added spice. Cute packaging, too. Wonder where I will be able to find it; I haven't seen it around.

    • eatigs | 22nd December 2010 16:31

      - Whoops! Should have read more closely - exclusive to Harrod's. Darn.

    • mikeperez23 | 24th December 2010 16:50

      IMO, Winter Flowers is much better than the original Flower - that mimosa note adds a nice 'barbershop' quality to the powder and spice.