Coleen Rooney to launch Butterflies in April

by Grant Osborne, 21st January, 2011

Coleen Rooney, has announced her latest fragrance, Butterflies, which is due to launch this April. Top notes include citrus, rose and hibiscus; heart notes include black pepper, nutmeg and vanilla flower, while the base contains cedar, rosewood, amber and tonka bean.

Coleen's Butterflies is available for £39.00 for 100ml and £25.00 for 50ml.

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      • Francop | 21st January 2011 12:30

        Am very impressed with the notes used in the scent...hope the ingredients are of good quality and not all marketing expense...

        Come on girls, give the scent a try and feedback your thoughts...:cheesy:

      • margi | 25th January 2011 14:42

        Are you kidding..... wouldn't touch this with a bargepole!! I just do not 'get' celebrity fragrance. Is She a celebrity?????? Just the same samey experience as any other high street samey same same same fragrance. Why would anyone part with hard earned cash for this........and trust me.........smelling like a CHAV is not on my list of New Year Resolutions. :)

      • Ratfink | 4th February 2011 10:09

        I keep getting visions of Coleen with a slingshot and a sackful of confused-looking butterflies.