Two Basenotes writers nominated for Fragrance Foundation Jasmine Award

by Grant Osborne, 22nd January, 2011

Judith Brockless and Persolaise have been shortlisted for a Fragrance Foundation Jasmine Award for articles they have written for Basenotes. Nominations in full below:

  • The Packaging is Plain, the Perfume Anything But. (Avril Groom,

  • Sketch n' Sniff: the New Cross-Sensory Fragrances (Pei-Ru Keh,

  • Bottled by Baccarat (Persolaise,

  • How to Find Your Perfect Perfume Partner (Tara Gardner,

  • What's Your Perfume Personality (Yanar Alkayat,

  • Pink Really Does Stink (Judith Brockless,

Judith's article can be read here. Persolaise's article, here (his website here).

Basenotes writers, Walker Minton and Liz Upton have also picked up this prestigious award in previous years.

We would like to wish Persolaise and Judith good luck!

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    • Niles | 22nd January 2011 13:28

      Congrats and good luck, everyone!

    • Craig | 22nd January 2011 13:31

      Congratulations and best wishes to everyone :)

    • Grant (article author) | 22nd January 2011 14:37

      @furrypine - those are for the Australian ones. the ones above are for the UK. I didn't realise Australia did it too...

    • PerfumedLady | 22nd January 2011 17:01

      Congratulations!Both articles were very well done!

    • Persolaise | 22nd January 2011 18:35

      Thanks very much indeed, everyone, and congratulations to Judith.

      I've posted links to all the other articles on my blog.

    • JON RODGERS | 22nd January 2011 19:54

      Congratulations to you both and the very best of luck.

    • Judith Brockless | 22nd January 2011 20:25

      Thank you for the kind comments, and congratulations to Persolaise!

    • Grant (article author) | 22nd January 2011 20:34

      Firstly, thanks for finding the links.

      Secondly, quizzes?

    • Persolaise | 22nd January 2011 23:02

      Let's start a mutual appreciation club :-)

    • Persolaise | 22nd January 2011 23:03

      Yes, that would certainly appear to be so, Mr Osborne... unless Google took me to the wrong articles.

    • Mimi Gardenia | 23rd January 2011 08:01

      This is wonderful news ! Well done Judith and Persolaise ! :)

    • Judith Brockless | 23rd January 2011 10:53

      Yes, let's. Also it would give my friends a break from having to congratulate me. :laugh:

    • GelbeDomino | 23rd January 2011 14:28

      Congratulations! Best of luck to both of you

    • Lessa | 23rd January 2011 16:22

      Congratulations to Judith and Persolaise! Best wishes for you both. :vrolijk_26: