Tommy Hilfiger Loud USB Wrist Bands - Gift with purchase

by Grant Osborne, 27th January, 2011

Customers who buy Tommy Hilfiger's Loud fragrances from The Perfume Shop or Superdrug in February will have the chance to pick up a USB wristband in black or pink.

Loud for Her features a blend of lychee, rose and patchouli notes; whilst Loud for Him boasts notes of patchouli, rose and tobacco. The fragrances will be packaged in vinyl inspired flacons, with intricate detailing on the glass to mimic the grooves in a vinyl record.

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    • Francop | 1st February 2011 17:42

      I tried "Loud for Him" in Boots the other day and have to admit that it was a nice scent although very short lived...I guess these 2 scents are targeting teen clients with relatively virgin unexperienced olfactory senses...:smiley:

      (Wonder how much storage space there is in the wristband...:wink:)