Perfumers Guild adds new rose scent to its collection - plus offer for UK readers

by Grant Osborne, 09th February, 2011

Basenotes caught up with John Bailey, Artisan Perfumer & Founder of The Perfumers Guild recently - his niche English perfumery will celebrate its 30th Anniversary this year. John is passionate, and had a long love affair with roses over many years as the creator and purveyor of perfumes for the Royal National Rose Society, his Society Rose and Heritage Rose eau de parfums are best selling favourites to rose scent connoisseur's.

John's latest rose scent, Perfumer's Rose has top notes of freesia and peony; heart notes capturing the scent of a bouquet of old fashioned red roses, with a long lasting base of iris and musk.

Exclusive offer to UK Basenotes Members - A Perfumer's Rose Scented bookmark - Contact John via the email address on

Please include in your email, your Basenotes username, and your name and address - We regret this offer is only available to UK residents - John has limited studio stock, closing date is 28th February 2011

John Bailey is something of a fragrance industry veteran, and you can read his fascinating biography on his website.

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    • Francop | 10th February 2011 05:57

      How lovely...!

      Must check this website everyone...! :cheesy:

    • Francop | 10th February 2011 06:17


      The website is Fantastic...!

      Have a look Guys...!!!

    • Francop | 12th February 2011 10:27

      I have already received my Perfumer's Rose Scented bookmark...!

      It is delicious...:kiss:

      Am ordering some samples and will be in touch soon with reviews...

      Happy Valentine`s to everyone...:cheesy:

    • GelbeDomino | 13th February 2011 01:16

      Very interesting.

      Thank you for sharing and for linking his website.

    • Francop | 13th February 2011 09:49

      Yes, Thanks Grant...

      It is really nice to enter Mr Bailey`s world...

      His website sums it up...:rolleyesold::cheesy:

    • Francop | 19th February 2011 16:41

      Hi everyone,

      I have received the samples I ordered from Mr Bailey; they are Gorgeous...

      I shall be reviewing them real soon...:coolold:

    • Francop | 20th February 2011 17:01

      Hi everyone,

      Today I have sampled my last sample from Mr Bailey and here are my comments:

      Sample 1- Scent of Romance:

      Beautiful rose scent with notes of carnations, orange blossom, jasmine and ylang ylang...a beautiful floral scent with great longevity and sillage...very romantic and seductive... with a definite feminine feel...

      Sample 2 - Queen of Sheba:

      The scent consists of a powerful long lasting rose note balanced with frankincense, myrrh, jasmine and oud notes...this is a very sophisticated floral oriental very well blended...although the wearer must allow a few hours for the notes yo reveal themselves...this is a powerful scent with great longevity and sillage so apply with also has a very definite feminine touch...

      Sample 3 - Victoria:

      This scent is the most appealing to me out of the 3 samples as it is the most unisex of the consists of a lovely blend of jasmine and muguet, enriched with orange flower, cassia and rose giving a lovely frehness...with good longevity and moderate sillage...I really love the blend in this one...

      Hope you all try them and enjoy them too...:smiley: