Michael Edwards launches Fragrances of the World 2011

by Grant Osborne, 23rd February, 2011

Michael Edwards' Fragrances of the World 2011 is now available. 850 new fragrances have been added to the 27th annual edition of the guidebook. Over 8,000 fragrances are listed in the new edition, each classified by fragrance family.

Fragrances of the World includes selective, niche, masstige, mass market and direct sale fragrances available worldwide, cross-referenced by fragrance family, gender, brand and year of launch.

“It is the only reference to track the increasingly important niche segment with more than 900 fragrances from 60 niche houses classified in the 2011 edition,” said Michael. “This brings the total to more than 7,500 fragrances classified going back as far as 1985.

“Fragrances of the World generates sales for retailers. If a customer asks for a fragrance that is not stocked, a quick cross reference of the guidebook lets sales associates offer the perfect alternative based on the classification by fragrance families and fragrance groups. Essentially it takes the guesswork out of choosing a fragrance,” said Michael.

The 2011 edition features images of scent notes courtesy of Givaudan. "The photographs take us, visually speaking, to the core of raw materials,” explains Hugh Wilson, Givaudan’s Head of Marketing Fine Fragrance - Europe.

“The enigma of fine photography has always been to see familiar things in a new and exciting light. This has been our goal: to discover the inner beauty of natural ingredients; to surprise and delight through unexpected shapes, colours and textures. Like a butterfly in a garden, the camera delves into the soul of nature,” he said.

More information about the book is available at fragrancesoftheworld.com. Michael Edwards is also now on twitter at @theperfumenose

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    • claresauntie | 22nd February 2011 12:18

      Grant, it's telling me I don't have permission to read it. Is it Top Secret? :)

    • headspace | 24th February 2011 11:28

      “Essentially it takes the guesswork out of choosing a fragrance.” This suggests that fragrances within a family usually have something in common when it comes to style (rather than just content), doesn’t it?

    • pluran | 25th February 2011 03:07

      Thanks, Grant

      It's one of a small handful of essential books for any fragrance aficionado, an it's the one I have used most.

      Glad to see he and his team (Guy Robert and many of the world's greatest noses) are still at it. Not to mention that Edwards probably knows more about the ins and outs of the perfume industry than anyone else out there.

    • david | 25th February 2011 18:33

      This book is my bible. Very professional. Immaculate presentation, and for me the detailed olfactory pyramid of each fragrance is invaluable.

      I have one GIANT WISH !!!!........I wish that Grant / basenotes would hook up to the software version of this book, so that basenotes members could use it online as a reference. The software can be rented on a yearly basis. I would be prepared to pay € 30 a year, (just € 2.50) per month to be able to use this facility. Grant could offer it as an upgraded membership facility.

      I´m sure Grant could clinch a good deal with Michael Edwards on letting us have access to the wonderful software version of this book.

    • Lessa | 27th February 2011 20:05

      Just bought the current edition. I've yearned for many years.

    • Saintpaulia | 8th March 2011 22:10

      I have no idea how this book (really these books) approach the subject. I have looked on amazon for his books and none of them have any way of "looking into the book" - you know, to see the chapters, table of contents, etc. Can some of you describe just what his books are like? I would be willing to purchase, say, one of his older books - they can be gotten used for $50 or so. But it would be a blind buy.

      I have been using (and probably wearing out) Luca Turin and Miss Sanchez's book of late and have been looking around for others like it. So far very few, except for some really old ones from 1999 and 2000.

      It is surprising to me that there are so few encyclopedias of fragrances! :cry: