Jo Malone launched new fragrance house, Jo Loves, with big tease

by Grant Osborne, 01st March, 2011

Jo Malone has launched a new company: Jo Loves. Jo Malone sold her original fragrance house to Estee Lauder in 1999, and remained as creative director until 2006. She says that "designing fragrance is who I am - it makes my heart beat".

A teasing video has been created, which tells nothing about the upcoming products, can be viewed on the official site and a Facebook page (and below).

We'll share further details as we get them, but at the moment all we can think about is how the logo reminds us of So..? Fragrance

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    • 30 Roses | 1st March 2011 11:30

      I'm looking forward to seeing what she does!

    • C Rose | 1st March 2011 12:54

      "remained as creative director in 2006"? Is this typo for "resigned"?

    • Grant (article author) | 1st March 2011 13:59

      Whoops! Corrected. I intended to write 'until 2006', but I think half way through the sentence I forgot I had written remained instead of resigned... Cheers

    • Wonderland57 | 1st March 2011 15:56

      I imagine the truth is that she was contractually bound to remain on board as creative director until 2006 and had a 'non-compete' clause which expired recently....

      It will be interesting to see what she does with her new company.

    • MysteryBuff40 | 2nd March 2011 03:58

      Haven't spoken with Nostradamus, but I predict a line of light, simple scents that don't last long, with suggestions to "layer" the fragrances, all wrapped up in classic looking ivory and black packaging.

    • plumaria | 2nd March 2011 07:36

      Sounds great! Didn't know much about that Jo Malone sold her original fragrance house to Estee Lauder in 1999. So far, the fragrance I have tested from this house is 'French Lime Blossom' and I like it very much.:thumbsup:

    • Quarry | 2nd March 2011 22:37

      One of my favorite fragrance sources is feeling creative? Lucky me!

    • Cistus | 3rd March 2011 03:51

      zzzzzzzz another bored housewife returns....uuugghh! She sounds so flat and uninspiring in her video, maybe she ran out of money, those private school fees add up you know. Worse, this admission in an interview I read - "I tried fragrance - I hadn't done one in almost five years - and it didn't come back as I thought it would. Then one day, I was sitting in a coffee shop, and it just clicked. I thought - I can do this again." Oh dear!

    • michailG | 3rd March 2011 05:46

      I actually liked some scents of JM... although I never went for they all seem so nicely done feel good... without any edge. I hate to be cynical about the come back of JM as JL but the video they made for her is rather uninspiring and flat as it has been pointed out before. I guess Mrs M was advised to project a down to earth middle aged woman/mother/wife with a creative feeling capable of doing IT again. It will certainly appeal to some; it doesn't appeal to me... also because it feels so "sincere" that it screams artificial.

    • AromiErotici | 3rd March 2011 05:59

      What is it exactly that you are getting at?

    • Kal | 4th March 2011 02:10

      I've just recently had my first very frustrating, strangely funny and eventually joyus experience with Jo Malone - so I find this incredible timing.

      I am halfway in love with my first sniff of Jo Malone - Vintage Gardenia (2004 - she must have been involved at least yeah?) - after only one giant inhale TODAY, so I'm pretty excited about this.

      I'm just wondering how long it's going to take Jo Loves... to reach us in Australia - if it gets here at all ... >.>


      P.S. Housewives are people too!! :cry:

    • Heartwood | 4th March 2011 18:59

      I'm surprised to learn that she likely didn't create my favorite Jo Malone scent, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily (2008). But I'm a fan of many that were released during her time with the company.

      Cistus appears to have registered for the sole purpose of writing that post (signed up on 3/2 and it's his only one). Weird. Dropping the word "housewife" like it's a pejorative; how rude! And hardly a complete description: she had been creating fragrances for her facial clients for many years before opening her first store in 1994. She probably needed to be bought out five years later just to keep up with distribution demands. "Highly successful, small business entrepreneur and savvy business woman for over 2 decades AND a housewife" is more apt. Also, when one leaves or is bought out by another company, isn't there often a limited time "do not compete" clause written into the agreement?

      I get the feeling she's taking inspiration from food, so perhaps there will be some new takes on gourmand notes. Overall, though, I'd expect what we've seen in the past: fairly linear fragrances without much complexity. And that's fine with me; sometimes I like a symphony, sometimes I just want a quartet! :)

    • 30 Roses | 4th March 2011 19:12

      I generally don't like gourmands and never found any of the Malones that worked for me before the Tea Collection came out. But I really like Sweet Milk and Fresh Mint Leaf, and their lack of complexity (the latter, in particular) is just fine.

    • ToughCool | 9th March 2011 17:53

      Bitter much?I thoroughly enjoyed the video.

    • rickbr | 10th March 2011 20:17

      I have the impression that she`ll probably bring a lot of her ideas from the Jo Malone Collection to create variations of the scents that are already know and that everyone could live whitout a tweak. Hope that at least something interesting with good longevity is launched, cause if not it`ll be just another fragrance brand in a world that already has too many of them...

    • Bearcub | 15th April 2011 21:10

      Hey , just to let you know that Dark Amber and ginger lily was created by Jo herself. It was originally going to be a home fragrance as part of the Khodo wood collection in 2005 but they were shelved and launched as fragrances few years later , I know this as I worked with the company from 2005 until 2008. I am a huge fragrance fan and have high hopes for this new range.

    • HighLine | 19th April 2011 15:15

      Really?! Wow, I didn't know anything about it! I don't know how I feel about this, honestly. There are already so many perfume brands, it's so hard to keep track. I really try to stick to my all time favorite perfume houses: Bond no.9, Jo Malone, Montale. Otherwise it just gets too confusing. If I love several perfumes from a specific house, I make it a priority to try as many of their fragrances as possible. I think I will just keep trying to sample as many Jo Malone perfumes as I am able to, and I will not concentrate on trying to research Jo Loves for now. Unless I ever by accident receive a sample from Jo Loves in the future - maybe then I will give it a try.