Celessence partner with Macy’s for the up-coming Macy’s Flower Show

by Grant Osborne, 21st March, 2011

Fragrance encapsulation technology specialists, Celessence, are working with Macy’s of New York to encapsulate the scent of lavender and chamomile to over 4 million daily newspapers, 1 million brochures and account cards for the up-coming Macy’s Flower Show.

The Flower Show is held in four US cities from March 27th to April 10th.

[strike]Celessence are also currently involved in scenting the New York Subway at Herald Square, and a limited number of yellow taxi’s. We don’t know what the scent is but we’re guessing it’s an improvement![/strike] (We've been advised that this is no longer happening, and have been given the info below: )

Additionally, the Chicago and Minneapolis events will be promoted through scent applications to the floor of the Chicago Pedway and the Minneapolis Skyway. As pedestrians walk over these spaces, their footsteps will cause the release of the lavender and chamomile scent, as if they were walking on a bed of flowers! The shows run from March 27 through April 10.

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      • Francop | 24th March 2011 13:11

        I am so impressed...wish I could be there...

        Hello France...!!!

        Are we all reading this...???


      • telemann | 24th March 2011 17:26

        LOL @ scenting 34th St Station. Why stop there, the entire MTA needs scenting. :laugh: