Dunhill Custom - New Men's Fragrance

by Grant Osborne, 11th April, 2011

Dunhill Custom is the latest fragrance from Dunhill. The scent contains notes of English Pippin Apple, Black Pepper, Incense and Woody Notes. The bottle is a solid glass flacon with square shoulders and a heavy monogram-embossed bottom base.

The cap can also be customised. Buyers of the fragrance can request a monogram or initials which are then hand engraved on to a solid aluminium plate, which slips on to the cap of the fragrance.

Available now at Harrods as 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette and 200ml Shower Gel.

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    • Partagas | 12th April 2011 05:06

      Can't wait to try it. Sounds very interesting.

    • HDD8 | 13th April 2011 00:03

      Hmmmm.... sounds interesting..... I'm very tempted! And Harrods have it available on their website...... watch this space.

    • DULLAH | 13th April 2011 05:14

      Could this be the first Aventus spin-off from a major house ? Might those woody notes include birch moss and patchouli ?

    • Diamondflame | 14th April 2011 08:38

      I wouldn't count on it. The 'custom' engravable top plate sounds like a sales & marketing gimmick to make up for the fragrance's shortcomings. Maybe I'm just not a fan of black pepper & woods combo...

    • Partagas | 15th April 2011 02:50

      I agree about the engravable plate...sounds a bit cheesy. But with a description of Black Pepper, Incense and Wood I can't wait to try it.

    • Dixon Cider | 15th April 2011 05:14

      not expexting much from this :rolleyesold:

    • graffham | 8th May 2011 12:46

      Has anyone tried this yet? And is there ANYTHING to hope for from the spring release season?