Photos from the UK FiFi Awards

by Grant Osborne, 19th April, 2011

Here, a little late, are some photos from last Thursday's UK FiFi Awards. Apologies for the quality, until I have a nice camera, the iPhone will have to do!

Somewhere amongst logos from the big companies, is ours, (whoop whoop, etc)

Basenotes is Table 1. We know our place!

Blogger and Basenotes contributer, Persolaise, steals electricity from The Banqueting House to charge his iPhone. Tsk Tsk

Michael Donovan (Profile PR), Alec Lawless (Essentially Me) and Andy Tauer in jubilant mood prior to the awards ceremony.

Fragrance Foundation Chairman, Peter Norman, introducing the upcoming ceremony

Post dinner entertainment, Sophie Ellis Bextor, sings some songs. Older readers may know her as the daughter of Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis. US readers probably won't know her at all, but to give you some context, she beat Victoria Beckham to number one in the charts about ten years ago.

Andy Tauer and Alec Lawless, probably sharing some sort of perfumer's joke. Maybe some hilarious pun involving 'enfleurage'. Perhaps we'll never know

The Baseonotes table: L-R - Andy Tauer, Alec Lawless (obscured), Ruth Mastenbroek, Michael Donovan, Jason from United Perfumes (Francis Kurkdjian), Matt from Orange Square (Creed) and finally official FiFI Tweeter for the evening, Sarah Karmali who works for AOL's (Hey AOL! Need some more content based websites to buy???)

Andy Tauer - Winning!

Winner Andy Tauer, with Penhaligon's Emily Mayben and Sarah Rotherham.

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    • Francop | 19th April 2011 20:39

      :cheesy: Thanks for sharing them Grant; very thoughtful of you...

    • Lessa | 21st April 2011 16:27

      Big thank you, Grant! Enjoyed immensely.

    • kbe | 23rd April 2011 16:38

      Great pics..but why no Grant? :cry: