Kate Middleton wore White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum

by Grant Osborne, 29th April, 2011

After months of speculation about which fragrance Kate Middleton, or to give her proper title: Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, would be wearing for her big day - we've had it confirmed that she was wearing White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum

White Gardenia Petals is described as:

As fragrant as a bouquet of white flowers, quivering in the gentle April breeze, this is a delicate and nuanced scent. The top note of stately gardenia evokes classicism, whilst heart notes of ylang ylang, muguet and jasmine bring a trio of frivolous white flowers into play. Amber wood underscores this light, fresh bouquet, adding depth and deep rooted tradition.

Michael Donovan of Illuminum's PR Company, Profile PR, told Basenotes "I am so proud!". You can buy the scent at Roullier White for 70 for 50ml. But be quick, we've a feeling this might sell out!

See also: Wedding Smells, a Fragrant Royal Wedding round-up.

Added: LuckyScent have the fragrance available to pre-order for those across the pond.

Photo: Landmark / PR Photos

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    • teardrop | 29th April 2011 22:44

      Thanks Grant, that sounds absolutely gorgeous! My nose would be twitching even if it wasn't Kate's chosen perfume. Oh lord, now l'm considering yet another blind buy. Somebody stop me!

    • jrd4t | 29th April 2011 23:02

      Those a-holes want 50 to ship to the US! That's almost as much as it costs. It sounds like a certain company does not like America. :P

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 30th April 2011 01:08

      At 120 pounds to ship to America, I would write them off as an "Illuminati" plot - but then I checked out their full line-up.

      Wild Tobacco

      Take a look at the notes on this sucker. It really sounds like something that might please those of us who love Miller-Harris Feuilles de Tabac.

      Oh, the pain....... :happy: We really do need to get somebody's nose on this whole line.....

    • cologne connoisseur | 30th April 2011 02:52

      Why does it matter to anyone who actually has a life exactly what these people wear? It never ceases to amaze me why some people live their lives obsessing about people who ultimately are of no consequence.

    • chouquette | 30th April 2011 04:20

      I am surprised that she chose this as there are plenty of British parfumeurs to choose from. Boadi is not known to have the best reputation in the industry...

    • knit at nite | 30th April 2011 04:30

      Want to sniff out the line myself now.

      Although it doesn't axtually "matter" to me, or Grant either I'd wager, this is a fragrance forum and the original post is really about fragrance- so it's hardly a surprising post. That doesn't mean because I read this article that I am "obsessing about people who ultimately are of no consequence" It's all in good fun (part of a healthy and balanced real life)

    • wilz | 30th April 2011 04:51

      Oh...It's that man Michael Boudi again. After Michelle Obama wore his BtV frags, now comes Kate wearing Illuminum. Mark Buxton will probably do a better job. Boudi is so overrated!

    • Mimi Gardenia | 30th April 2011 05:41

      Thanks Grant - unfortunately, as much as I like the new Duchess of Cambridge - I'm not too interested in her fragrance choices. I'm an old grumpy pot. :)

    • seattlelight | 30th April 2011 06:18

      I'm disappointed in the choice and the mishmash of described notes (gardenia, ylang, jasmine and amber do not sound nuanced and delicate to me)....wasn't the original information that she was going to wear something else kind of hokey and demanding-sounding ("so?...kiss me now", something odd like that?). Perhaps I expected her to wear bespoke or ... some scent that's a little more special. I really don't know what I'm trying to say. Oh, well, to each her own! I wish them a long and happy life together! After all, I'm really not the one who has to tolerate her perfume!

      Thank you for the information!

    • donna255 | 30th April 2011 08:13

      Totally uninteresting to me. I not interest in trying this I don't do gardenia.

    • Francop | 30th April 2011 11:16

      I can`t wait to try it out...Capricorns know a lot about of senses and pleasures...

      Am impressed...!!!:cheesy:

    • Ratfink | 30th April 2011 11:39

      I think that labelling anyone as being 'people who ultimately are of no consequence' is actually a lot sadder than taking in an interest in what perfume someone wears on their wedding day, whoever they may be.

      Who exactly would you define as being 'people of consequence', about whom you might deem it acceptable to be curious about their choice of fragrance?

    • teardrop | 30th April 2011 12:10

      Well said! lf these people are "of no consequence", why did 2 billion people watch the wedding?? lf you had seen the ceremony, you could not fail to be moved by the dignity & solemnity of the occasion, which served as a reminder of the importance of traditional values in an ever-changing & chaotic world. As a Brit who is proud of my heritage, l am saddened by your comment. Sorry to bring politics into this, but without the symbolism of the monarchy, what would we have, President Cameron?? *Shudder*, no thanks! Catherine & William are not "celebrities", they have an important part to play in the history & future of our country, as well as being nice, well-adjusted young people. And how is that a bad thing?

    • Nemesis7884 | 30th April 2011 13:07

      you brits are simply bonkers...your holding yourself a "pet royal family" who's only purpose is to burn through your tax money, just to desperatly trying to hold on to some long lost glory while your country is falling apart... sooner or later it will be time to drop the fanzy fairy tale act and face the truth head on... or as obama said - we dont have anymore time for this nonsense

    • Grant (article author) | 30th April 2011 15:12

      Yes but in relation to his birth certificate - what's that got to do with the Royal Family?

      Anyway back on topic...

    • MikeNY | 30th April 2011 15:34

      Do we know yet what William wore?

    • Francop | 30th April 2011 15:41

      Come on Guys...We are lucky to have had such a Beautiful display of Love and Tradition for such a long time...

      Some of us in the UK, got the day off as well which was a Great Bonus...

      Am not British but live in the UK; I cannot tell you how proud I was yesterday to be part of British society...it was a day in my lifetime to remember...

      Love and Peace...:smiley:

    • Persolaise | 30th April 2011 16:26

      I always knew perfume is a political issue.

      I still prefer to think that he (yes, HE) wore vintage Diorissimo and she wore Muscs Koublai Khan.

    • Mimi Gardenia | 30th April 2011 16:28

      One can be uninterested in Kate Middleton's perfume choices without going below the belt , being rude and knocking the Royal Family . It's too personal and uncalled for IMHO.

      I'm in agreement with Teardop and Ratfink . The ceremony was very moving and both William and Kate are fresh ,appealing young royals .

      I won't hesitate to say I shed afew tears when Jerusalem ( the hymn ) was sung at St. Paul's during the wedding.

    • Candy Perfume Boy | 30th April 2011 16:47

      The UK taxpayer pays 67p to the Royal Family each year which is a small price when you consider that over 1 billion extra has been spent in london in the last three days and the event itself will generate 15-20 billion extra for the economy.

    • Diamondflame | 30th April 2011 16:51

      I LOVE weddings! Esp those involving royalty, more so than celebrities. As fragrance lovers, having a healthy curiosity about perfumes selected for momentous occasions is simply par for the course! I'm surprised to see a BNer lifting a finger to post a protest... And please, do leave the politics at the door for once.

    • Emlynevermore | 30th April 2011 17:04

      I did not even know the wedding took place yesterday until I saw this thread.

      Congratulations to them both, I hope they are very happy together.

      But frankly, I am more interested in the wedding day scents of BN members than that of the new Duchess of Cambridge.

    • pepperedmoth | 30th April 2011 17:08

      Can't . . . stop . . . laughing . . . must . . . breathe . . .

      -Honest American

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 30th April 2011 18:45

      From a fashion point of view, I think it's fascinating that she chose something so cutting-edge. Wearing white - of course. But the ink is barely dry in this line, and the line seems all about modernity. I find that to be an interesting personal choice for such a traditional occasion. It's very refreshing, honestly.

      I agree with Emlynevermore that the choices of fellow BNers are of more immediate interest to those of us who hang around here. Diamondflame's wedding fragrance is likely to be the big question on everybody's mind. Still, quite frankly, I'm fascinated by anybody's honest choice in fragrance. Wedding day fragrances are really the final answer to the age-old "what are you going to wear?" question.

    • Hey.its.me | 30th April 2011 20:08

      As big as that shindig was; do you think she might have chosen that house and in particular THAT fragrance for it's sillage? Huh? Huh? =]

      Mimi darling, c'mon, just who are you kidding? We all know your a big softie! Why you even cried last week when you bowled that perfect 300! I'm not going to get into what you did at the end of Titanic save to say you went through a half box of tissues. nuf said.

    • Primrose | 2nd May 2011 16:55

      Wow, this sound like a nice scent to try, but at the delivery costs, it had better be delivered by a liveried footman with white gloves!

      Good point! To tell the truth, the U.S. is still starstruck, even though our celebrities don't wear coronets. The U.S. is mad for its movie stars and those in the public eye.

      It's always interesting to associate the notion of elegance to the noble class. Look at the way some companies boast of Royal Warrants, both real and fabricated. Why did a *certain* company founded in 1908 come up with a very elaborate tale (and a book in 1943) about a handsome French count in love with a beautiful, married English woman, omitting the key points that in real history said English woman was really Irish and his wife's widowed stepmother? (See two books: Ken Leach's "Perfume Presentations," and Nigel Groom's "The Perfume Handbook," second edition, for the history and faux marketing "legend" of Parfums D'Orsay.)

    • MOONB | 3rd May 2011 03:10

      How the heck do you buy these things? Their website's design is abysmal.

    • Primrose | 3rd May 2011 07:46

      Yes, Nevermore, but the jasmine-scented gloves would have to be worn by a "certain" nobleman, or he would send his own footman! ;)

    • 30 Roses | 3rd May 2011 18:55

      I had not heard of this fragrance before. It's nice that she chose something not so well-known (and what a lucky advertising boost for the perfume house!)

      I thought it was a lovely wedding and that the music was perfect (even my husband got choked up at one point.) I think the couple has a good chance at a long-lasting marriage, given how long they have known each other and their mature ages. The pageantry was fun because it is not an everyday affair. But then, every wedding is a pageant of sorts-- it's just a question of scale!

      There is nothing wrong with the British people enjoying their monarchy. If they ever decide it has no place in their society, that will be the time for them to dismantle it, but I don't foresee it happening, personally. Here in the USA excessive attention (and money) is paid to sports and film stars, but we don't seem to feel the need to put an end to that.

      There are so many depressing influences in current events; why not celebrate whatever we can, whenever we can?

    • iMaverick | 4th May 2011 03:41

      I think I heard somewhere that in certain countries, white flowers are considered funereal flowers. Funny, I always considered them the most beautiful and always seems to pay compliment to any fragrance composition.

      Oops, did I curse the marriage? LOL! :shocked::grin:

    • 30 Roses | 4th May 2011 12:00

      When my daughter was young, one day I was in Xpect Discounts (discount supermarket) in the cosmetics section.

      A woman near me picked up a bottle of Vanderbilt and was disappointed at how expensive it was, saying perfume was becoming "so expensive". She put it down and walked away.

      The bottle was $12.

      Sure opened my eyes.

    • Grant (article author) | 4th May 2011 14:30

      Just a FYI - it will be available at Lucky Scent shortly

    • Craig | 4th May 2011 19:49

      I was sure the Sun said she was wearing Creed Fleurissimo, unless that was the night time scent?

    • redrose | 4th May 2011 20:18

      Hubbie and I watched the wedding and loved every moment, especially "Jerusalem" and the prayer the couple are alleged to have written themselves. We think it's great that we Brits can have this level of pageantry and sheer gorgeousness because we have a royal family. Watching a president's son or daughter get married just wouldn't be the same, and pound for pound, having a royal family seems to work out a lot cheaper than bankrolling a president. Plus, if the president is a former politician (and aren't they all?), then about half of the country won't like them anyway. Our monarch is above the affairs of State, so can be a figurehead for all the British people except rampant Republicans (and who know what sort of scent they'd wear, anyway?)

      I've never smelled Kate's actual choice for The Day, but if she'd asked me to pick one for her, I'd have suggested Creed's Fleur de The Rose Bulgare. And for William? Why not Rose Oudh?

    • BetsyMeszaros | 5th June 2011 06:54

      My apologies for my countrymen who have been so insulting and embarrassed the rest of us.

      I'm interested in anything with gardenias, jasmine and amber regardless of who wears it.

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 4th January 2012 14:01

      HA HA HA HA HA! Well said, BBB! I do find it so very amusing and comical when Americans try to belittle Great Britain. Anyway, with regard to the perfume Kate M wore, it's her choice, it was her wedding day, and if you can't wear exactly what you want to on that day, when on earth can you?

    • BetsyMeszaros | 5th January 2012 15:19

      I'm an American and I find your statement most obnoxious. The British and the Canadians are the best friends we ever had and your comments are way off base and totally out of line.

      Love Katherine and William, loved their wedding, like the perfume.

    • VivaLolita | 5th January 2012 15:33

      Millions of tourists all over the world flock to England to see the Palace, the Royal Family are very important to our economy and the tourism trade.

    • Wee Scottish Scent Lover | 5th January 2012 16:04

      [QUOTE=BetsyMeszaros;2403175]I'm an American and I find your statement most obnoxious. The British and the Canadians are the best friends we ever had and your comments are way off base and totally out of line.

      Hi Betsy

      Thank you for your intelligent response to that very silly and completely unjustified comment regarding Brits. It always amazes me when some Americans make anti-British statements. Have they forgotten what we as a nation have given them? And when recently an ill informed American colleague stated, "America won the war!!", I simply asked him to which war he was alluding, as according to the history books, the only war that America has "won" is the civil war. I also suggested he read up on the Battle of Britain, and reminded him that if this small island had not in fact won that battle against incredible odds, the entire world would be a very different place.

      In terms of perfume, which is what this website is actually about, I am going crazy over Elie Saab and YSL Elle at the moment. YUM.:coolold: