Les Exclusifs de Chanel come to Scotland

by Grant Osborne, 23rd May, 2011

Chanel is bringing the Les Exclusifs fragrance collection to Scotland for the first time - The company has opened a Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Boutique in House of Fraser, Glasgow. The 75 square metre area, which features the Olfactive Bar, is designed in Chanel's traditional black, beige and gold colouring.

"The Olfactive Bar was developed by Chanel Deputy Perfumer, Christopher Sheldrake. The innovative, patented ceramic blotter system allows each fragrance to be experienced without the need for spraying, thus the surrounding air remains neutral and enables the 48 fragrance concentrates encompassing the entire range of Chanel perfumery, to be experienced both individually and faithfully. Specialised fragrance experts will offer clients an interactive olfactive journey through the house’s extensive fragrances"

As well as the Les Exclusifs fragrance range, the new boutique will be showcasing exclusive make up creations by Peter Philips which, for UK shoppers, have previously only been available in London.

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    • Grant (article author) | 23rd May 2011 14:59

      That's probably the case, but Chanel only sent me the info the other week!! (and to be honest most of the news I put on the front page breaks in the forums first ;) !!)