Clarins and Porsche Design Launch “The Essence”

by Walker Minton, 13th June, 2008

In keeping with their brand identity of diverse technical luxury design items Porsche Design have announced the launch of their new fragrance named “The Essence". True to their heritage of using innovative materials it is built around a new fresh smelling molecule designed especially for Porsche Design by Anne Flipo and Bruno Jovanovic named Arctical. This provides a striking cold metallic accord which is tempered by aromatic notes and warm woody tones:

Top notes Arctical, Juniper, myrtle

Middle Notes Black Pepper, Russian Coriander Leaves, Siberian pine,

Base Notes Patchouli, Pine Balm, Incense

The bottle with integrated sprayer and no cap has rubber feet which help to prevent slippage and unwanted "clunks" as it is placed on bathroom surfaces. Roland Heiler, M.D. said the Company philosophy of “Engineered Luxury” informed the design of the bottle and the fragrance itself.

The fragrance will launch in the UK exclusively at Harrods on September 1st and nationwide at selected points of sale on Sept 15th.

The range includes:

EDT 80ml £52

EDT 50ml £38

Aftershave Splash 80ml £36

Hair and Body shampoo 200ml £19

Alcohol Free Deodorant Stick 75ml £18

Deodorant Spray £19.

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    • graffham | 13th June 2008 11:54

      I'm not into fast Euro cars but the bottle is sublime.

    • DustB | 13th June 2008 16:14

      Put this beside the Porche Design tobacco pipes.

    • discovolante | 13th June 2008 18:42

      There are some mobile phones too.Did I mention that they are VERY expensive?

    • Otto | 13th June 2008 19:21

      [SIZE="3"]I will be anticipating the arrival of this one. Something to actually look forward too. Whoo Hooo..

      Can't wait for the first posting of this one.



    • nthny | 13th June 2008 19:29

      These notes seem really intriguing. I found my brain trying to put the pieces together, coming up with a cool, foresty modern minimalist scent. I can't wait to smell it actually.

    • Wordbird | 13th June 2008 20:03

      It sounds brilliant. I love the idea of discussing the synthetics involved in fragrance in the same way we talk about 'May Rose' or 'Indian Sandalwood' - it feels more honest as well as innovative.

      (Or does that mean I've fallen hook, line and sinker for the Porsche branding?)

    • Scentologist | 13th June 2008 20:32

      I am not optimistic. I didn't like any of the Jaguar scents or the Hummers. I am not saying that this one is no different. Perhaps it is the best thing since sliced bread?? Either way, I don't mind waiting for the reviews.

    • whosyourcaddy05 | 14th June 2008 23:33

      I am also quite eager to catch a sniff of this. I am hoping they have captured a bit of the essence of a cold forest morning in that sleek bottle. "Cold forest morning" is not to be confused with "Cold morning woods," of course. :)

    • everso | 6th August 2008 16:22

      has anyone smelled this yet? i am ANXIOUSLY awaiting it..

    • Kevin Guyer | 6th August 2008 16:25

      A very cool bottle, interesting notes. I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for the tip. :)

    • Echo777 | 10th November 2009 04:16

      Smelled this today. The bottle reminded me of M7. The scent is kinda like MB's Prescence, but more natural (easy task). It's still pretty synthetic, in a new car smell kinda way. Very futurisitc, space-age style. Menthol and juniper, with some mild pepper. Not bad, I may buy it. Seems ideal for spring (especially) and summer. In 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles.