Designer Parfums acquire Jean Patou rights from Procter & Gamble

01st July, 2011

Fragrance house, Jean Patou has been acquired by UK-based Designer Parfums, who also create fragrances for Agent Provocateur, Jean Louis Scherrer, Aigner Parfums and Worth. Dilesh Mehta, Managing Director of Designer Parfums said “I am truly delighted and excited by this great addition to our collection of brands. We will re-affirm the Jean Patou heritage and credentials across our global markets and reinforce its position as one of the world’s leading fragrance houses."

The company has also said that "Jean Patou’s stable of fragrances will be faithfully reproduced in line with original formulations, bottles, packaging and imagery."

Jean Patou was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2001 - the acquisition included Patou's Lacoste and Yohji Yamamoto licenses (P&G has since also divested Yohji Yamamoto).

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    • Grottola | 2nd July 2011 00:26


      Hopefully Patou Pour Homme makes a return..... Hell, I'll recreate it if I have to!

    • kbe | 2nd July 2011 00:28

      Bracing for reformulations despite assurances to the contrary.

    • sarıpatates | 2nd July 2011 00:42

      I've mailed them about patou pour homme and prive as soon as I read the news :P

    • calero | 2nd July 2011 05:33

      This is excellent news!

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 2nd July 2011 05:43

      [quote]The company has also said that " Jean Patou’s stable of fragrances will be faithfully reproduced in line with original formulations, bottles, packaging and imagery."[/quote]

      Sounds like somebody is finally getting wise to the potential of old-timey formulations as a money-maker. Why let the vintage counterfeiters get all the cash? I think it would be hilarious justice if legitimate perfumery chased after counterfeiter money instead of vice versa....

    • furrypine | 2nd July 2011 09:24

      Sign me up for a fresh bottle of Colony :smiley:

    • NDN-01 | 2nd July 2011 14:42

      Yay!!! Patou pour Homme please!!!

    • Persolaise | 2nd July 2011 19:46

      I'd say it's time to stock up on Joy...

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 2nd July 2011 20:19


      Not optimistic on this one, eh?

      I suppose that every change of hands is a chance for "revitalization of the company" (my best euphemism for reformulation yet!)

    • the_good_life | 2nd July 2011 20:28

      It can only get better, at least from a "pour homme" perspective. I do hope they realize the current potential for classic frags...

    • Olfacta | 3rd July 2011 14:24

      Well I guess it can't be much worse than P & G but I'm skeptical whenever I hear the phrase "original formula." That has to be somebody who 1.) has no idea what they're talking about, or 2.) assumes the audience knows nothing about perfume -- usually true. Imagine trying to restore Joy's original formula -- jasmine and roses from Grasse, real civet -- fuggetaboutit. Hate to be a wet blanket but my b.s. detector is going off right now!

    • scentimus | 3rd July 2011 16:51

      I am always surprised that LVMH never wanted to snatch up Patou for Joy has always been known to be an exclusive luxe scent through out the decades.

    • Pollux | 3rd July 2011 18:23

      It reminds me of Unilever's problems with high - end brands; managing massive brands is not the same as managing luxury brands. Now, what about Rochas, will they also sell it to a more competent company when it comes to good-quality perfumes?

    • bokaba | 4th July 2011 07:05

      Well I guess someone was listening to our email campaign with Proctor and Gamble and it wasn't Proctor and Gamble apparently!

    • rickbr | 4th July 2011 19:00

      Hope that this means Patou Pour Homme will be back on production! But i`m kind of worried, cause they have worth parfums on the catalog and the quality of current worth parfums is not close of the vintage ones...

    • kbe | 4th July 2011 20:21

      Too bad Aramis didn't pick up Patou. That would have given Patou pour Homme and others a fighting chance. I don't have much faith it will be recreated close to the vintage version.

    • rickbr | 4th July 2011 21:24

      Estee Lauder would have to purchase the lincense in this case since Aramis is part of Estee Lauder Portfolio...

    • kbe | 5th July 2011 01:47

      Of course, but I would want Patou pour Homme etc under the 'protective' Aramis arm.

    • rickbr | 5th July 2011 13:04

      But even Aramis suffered after being purchased by Estee Lauder don`t? I remember that i saw complaints that Aramis scents were reformulated, and also that some got harder to find. But i agree that Estee Lauder would be a great company to keep Patou heritage!

    • kbe | 5th July 2011 14:51

      Complaints..oh yes. Opinions are like..well, you know the rest :happy:

      Aramis have done a masterful job on the Havana reissue which, to me, is within a click of the original. Other than the Tuscany reissue which is identical to the original I haven't tried all of the other Gentlemen's Collection reissues to compare with my vintage stock, but I suspect Aramis have at least come close to the originals on most of them.

    • Grant | 6th July 2011 14:11

      Estee Lauder 'invented' Aramis. They were never acquired.

    • mr. reasonable | 12th July 2011 11:12

      One more email sent asking them to do the right thing with PPH :)

    • sashamoss | 1st November 2011 18:52

      P&G still owns the Yoshi Yamamoto licenses?

    • Grant | 3rd November 2011 08:20

      No they got rid of those about 5 years ago. I don't think anyone has a YY perfume licence these days

    • LaNose | 3rd November 2011 18:38

      Great news! Hoping that the legendary fragrances are again available sans reformulations. Of course some reformuatlions are neccessary because of new standards for toxic ingredients. That said, I hope Designer takes only limited liberties with the Patou jucies. Patou pour Homme anyone? I do hope they don't tamper with Joy; me thinks they don't dare.