Jo Malone visit British Woodlands for latest launch - Wild Bluebell

by Danielle Cooper, 09th August, 2011

Jo Malone have chosen to personify their latest launch with a “terribly English...Naughty but nice” fairy character who shares her name with the fragrance - Wild Bluebell. Described as “a girl who lets nature run riot for all the right reasons” the whimsical woman features in the viral and print advertising campaigns.

The scent itself, created by Christine Nagel, is a light floral featuring top notes of bluebell and clove, with a lily of the valley, eglantine and jasmine heart finishing with a white amber and musk base.

The brand explains “The English bluebell captures the spirit of springtime, creating vibrant carpets across British woodlands. Sadly the native English bluebell is under threat and it is vital that it is cherished and protected. To help England stay carpeted with bluebells Jo Malone London has made a donation to the Woodland Trust.

Wild Bluebell will be available as 30ml cologne (£36.00/€42), 100ml cologne (£72/€84), 250ml body and hand wash (£30/€40), 175ml body creme (£48/€60) and 200g home candle from September 2011 at your usual Jo Malone stockists.

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    • 30 Roses | 9th August 2011 15:35

      Our local Jo Malone SA told me this should be available in the USA sometime in September.

    • MysteryBuff40 | 10th August 2011 04:16

      Wonder how that "run riot" tagline is playing in London right now?

    • Kiliwia | 10th August 2011 12:58

      Looking forward to trying this one.

    • xxdfarre | 18th August 2011 07:05

      wonder how it will compare to Penhaligon's Bluebell - said to be a fave of Mrs Thatcher's...

    • 30 Roses | 18th August 2011 13:13

      xxdfarre, welcome to Basenotes!

      I tried Wild Bluebell at our local Nordstrom a few days ago. I had been eagerly awaiting it, but what a disappointment!

      It becomes a skin scent within the first 10 minutes on my skin, even with 4 generous sprays to neck and chest from the tester and 3 more on my arm! Here is what I smelled: a brief scent of lily of the valley and rose hip, then a persistent water lily note and bit of musk. Supposedly it has a clove note but I couldn't smell it-- and it's not like clove is hard to miss! Nor did I detect jasmine. Bluebells I have never smelled as fresh flowers, but they are a close relative of hyacinth and I have had other bluebell/hyacinth body products-- the Malone doesn't have that scent.

      It is also nothing like Penhaligon's Bluebell. That may be good or bad for you, depending on whether you like the Penhaligon's, but the Malone is not one to buy unsniffed. It's inoffensive, certainly, but you just don't get much scent for your money.

      That said, I'm sure I will try it again the next time I visit Nordstrom, in case my sniffer was "off" that day.