Designer Parfums "investigating the possibility" of Patou in-house perfumer

by Grant Osborne, 04th July, 2011

Designer Parfums have told Basenotes that they "are currently reviewing all options and are investigating the possibility of working with a new in-house perfumer [for Jean Patou]". Jean-Michel Duriez had previously been in-house perfumer at Jean Patou and later also Rochas. According to a spokesman for Designer Parfums Duriez was not part of the acquisition and remains at P&G Prestige Beaute.

Last week Designer Parfums acquired the rights to Jean Patou from Procter & Gamble's P&G Prestige Beaute division.

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    • CoL | 4th July 2011 16:19


    • mr. reasonable | 5th July 2011 05:53

      Well we all know what we want them to do, don't we? Let's see how this rolls out :)

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 8th July 2011 02:43


      Frankly, if some of these houses had in-house historians, as well as in-house perfumers, they wouldn't be forgetting what made them great. :wink: Seriously - after watching the BBC4 segment on Guerlain, with Thierry Wasser looking at those rather lonely old formula books, I think the need is even more apparent. (I will admit that I'm biased, as the son of a librarian. Those formula books deserve "National Treasure" status IMO.)

    • zztopp | 8th July 2011 08:10

      Designer Parfums - please hurry and assign an in-house perfumer before Bertrand Duchaufour gets a whiff of this open position..

      **the joke here being that Duchaufour is already an "in-house" perfumer for 3-4 houses...

    • david | 11th July 2011 19:03

      They don´t need a perfumer !!!!!!!

      ........just copy the original formula from Jean Kerlo for Patou Pour Homme and the other classics. Copy the original flacon design. Don´t change anything.......don´t try to update it.

    • Flora | 16th July 2011 06:12

      Oh, please let this be a good thing!! My favorite house, cast to the fates once again, I hope they bring back the good stuff! What david said - don't mess with it! Just give me my Vacances, Colony and Normandie etc. and nobody gets hurt...:cheesy:

    • olfactorynewbie | 23rd July 2011 16:31

      Hopefully, this will see the return of Patou Pour Homme...

    • perfaddict | 24th July 2011 11:38


      Hopefully, this will see the return of Patou Pour Homme...[/QUOTE]

      And, hopefully, very faithful to the original...

    • Pollux | 24th July 2011 22:29

      I thought precisely the same when I watched that episode.- I could not stop feeling envious and thinking, at the same time, that if I had the chance of working as a nose, I would be experimenting with those formulas 24x7.

    • kiaT | 24th February 2012 22:05

      and don't forget the women when you cross your fingers ...I have emailed them about EDP