Tauer launches Pentachords range at Campomarzio, Rome

by Sandra Rose, 11th July, 2011

Last month Andy Tauer launched his new range at Rome's Campomarzio. Tauer has produced each fragrance in his new Pentachords collection with just five notes each – each note comprising of just one molecule.

  • Pentachord White features the scent of the iris. Dried iris root complemented by the dry wood from a rosewood tree, amber gris, bourbon vanilla and white iris.

  • Pentachord Auburn plays on the warmth and depth of cinnamon with an accord of a citrus tree in full bloom, sandalwood, dry amber and warm spicy tobacco.

  • Pentachord Verdant combines the fresh scent of green ivy forests with damp earth, elegant leather, smoky tobacco and vibrant amber.

The fragrances will be available exclusively at Campomarzio until September.

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    • stuigi | 16th July 2011 02:29

      I don't see anything on their site about this launch.

    • Partario | 16th July 2011 05:18

      That's great. However, the more imminent question is, "How do WE get them?"

    • lisa judith | 16th July 2011 09:49

      Hi! This is Lisa from Campomarzio70.


      for the launch in english.

      How to get them: just write an email to:


      Subject: Pentachords by Tauer

      You will get any further information from our english speaking team very fast.

      Just note: Monday opening times: 15.19.30

      Thanks a lot for your interest!

    • FumeHood | 19th July 2011 15:28

      Tried all three today while strolling in Rome. (Also didn't know they were released). Purchased the VERDANT - gorgeous. It's the "forget the fruit and give me the full tree" combination of notes that I so loved in the initial blasts of Joe Malone's Wild Fig and Cassis, but fuller, more projecting, and (quite obviously) MUCH longer lasting. Very fresh, very green (duh!), and very delicious under the hot sun this afternoon.

    • Kaern | 23rd September 2011 13:41

      These are available through Les Senteurs in London also -- try their website to order.

      I shall be testing shortly


    • cutypi | 25th September 2011 00:51

      Penta-disappointment! I love Andy but Verdant and White leave much to be desired. Verdant is minty camphor like Bengay except non-lasting (thank goodness) - nothing close to tobacco or amber. White is definitely Iris, with a violet background that is quite lovely but lacks originality and staying power. It's as though Andy has cheapened the brand. :angry:

    • Mimi Gardenia | 25th September 2011 00:55

      Hmmm - I am also not too impressed with White and Verdant . For me , Auburn is the one I liked best .