Life in Scents : New fragrance podcast from Scratch & Sniff

by Grant Osborne, 19th August, 2011

Odette Toilette, the nose behind the Scratch+Sniff Events, and radio producer Jo Barratt, have launched a fragrance podcast called Life in Scents: “Life in Scents is a new take on the interview show. Each edition, a high-profile guest remembers the smells that have meant something to them through their life, from the day-to-day odours of growing up, to fine fragrances and peculiar peccadillos.”

The first podcast sees the British poet and novelist Lavinia Greenlaw sharing her memories of growing up in the 1970s by way of the synthetic bubblegum scents of the suburban disco and later, through the cigarettes and musty jumble sales of the punk years. We hear about vacant dockside warehouses haunted by the odours of clove and cinnamon, and of the scents that as a writer, Lavinia has now lost as digital replaces the analogue.

Odette Toilette, founder of Scratch+Sniff and Life in Scents says "I am always amazed by how quickly people will start sharing very specific and honest memories with someone they've just met, just by getting them to start thinking about smell. In harnessing this most special sense we hope to gain a new angle into the experiences and recollections of some fascinating personalities,".

Life in Scents is available now from iTunes, or on

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