Katie Puckrik launches Web App for smart phones

by Grant Osborne, 01st September, 2011

Youtube scent superstar Katie Puckrik has launched an online app designed to make choosing a scent a bit easier. Fume Finder, which works on most smart phones/tablets, including Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, WebOS and Blackberry 6, is free to use and allows you to see Katie’s scent recommendations in various scent categories.

Katie says:Every day I'm asked for fragrance recommendations. A lot of the requests are similar: “Can you suggest a great vanilla for guys?” or “What can I give my mom -- she likes rose perfumes,” or “Which scent will turn men/women into my personal love zombies?”

Fume Finder streamlines the process so that you get an immediate answer. This mobile web app features hundreds of my recommendations for men and women in high rotation categories ranging from citrus, subtle and sexy, to florals, fruits and woods -- and let's not forget clubbing, wedding and seasonal scents. (And because Fume Finder is my ball in this game, you can bet rose and incense perfumes are represented, too.)

Whether you're drawn to clean and crisp or deep and dramatic, I guarantee that Fume Finder will inspire you to try something new...or even to revisit an old favorite. Just think of Fume Finder as your portable fragrance consultant.

Fume Finder's selections slant toward my favorite mainstream fragrances, with a few choice niche items here and there. The app is aimed at the newbie fumehead who wants starting points for perfume explorations and gift ideas, but veteran connoisseurs (and you know who you are) will also enjoy perusing my lists and descriptions, and reconnecting with beloved scents.

Around 170 fragrances are recommended at present, but more will be added as time goes by. The app can be accessed at http://www.fumefinder.com and more information can be found on Katie's blog here.

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    • Kiliwia | 1st September 2011 20:56

      I love Katie's reviews!! This app sounds amazing, can't wait to try it.

    • kbe | 1st September 2011 22:43

      "Around 170 fragrances are recommended at present, but more will be added as time goes by."

    • silentrich | 2nd September 2011 03:03

      Nice little app and it's good to see some advertising money going to the tube reviewers.

    • HazelMae | 2nd September 2011 04:28

      It would be nice if this graduated to being an actual mobile app, anyone know if this is in the works?

    • Dr_Rudi | 4th September 2011 01:05

      But it is mobile ... The web app works on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices. It's optimized for webkit-based browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. To see if your mobile device or web browser is compatible, please refer to this chart.....


    • pluran | 4th September 2011 22:26

      Nice job, Katie. :-)