Las Vegas perfumery launch Formulӕ Alpha and Formulӕ Beta

by Grant Osborne, 02nd September, 2011

Primal Mist, a new Las Vegas perfumery, have launched two perfumes: Formulӕ Alpha and Formulӕ Beta. According to the company "These perfumes began with the linguistic analysis of excavated cuneiform tablets dating to the second millennium BCE. The tablets contained a detailed process of making perfume written by a woman named Tapputi. The ancient text mentioned two aromatics. Primal Mist combined these ancient era aromatics with modern essential oils and fragrances to produce its Alpha and Beta scents."

Alpha contains notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber, and White musk; and Beta contains notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Honeysuckle, Cashmere and musk.

A limited amount of free samples (shipping $4.99, US only) of Alpha are available from the company website.

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    • ewilliams81 | 5th September 2011 19:48

      Very interesting! Kind of redefines the idea of a vintage scent- this one's truly ancient. I'd be interested to know what perfume from the second millenium smells like, so I may just have to order a sample!

      The idea of fragrance trends is really interesting to me. I recently read "Orgasme... Made in France" by Robert Miller ( which kind of details the creation and advertising of fragrance in the 1970s, and it got me interested in the industry as a whole.

      Today, popular scents smell differently than those 50 years ago. While Chanel No. 5 is considered timeless, I don't know of anyone that wears it anymore. People seem to be preferring lighter fragrances. I wonder what the norm was in the second millenium!

    • Sybarite | 14th September 2011 07:58

      Personally I think this is all "bullshit" ad-copy, concocted for effect with little if any truth behind it. To me the entire outfit actually looks totally suspect and dodgy (& even downright "cheap" !), trying real hard (unsuccessfully IMO) to look like quality. ~ (Cheap-looking tacky bottles too !)

      And 3.5ml of only "Eau de Parfum" for 300 dollars ? They must be JOKING !? (Note : Not Extrait/Parfum but EDP) for that ridiculous price it's downright outrageous !

      ~Sorry, but I don't trust them at all !!! Something just doesn't seem/sound right !

    • littlebird | 15th September 2011 19:57

      I agree with Sybarite - this product looks as fake and as tacky as the city where it's made. Definitely trying to attract the more-money-than-sense crowd. The notes aren't particularly unique, and the price is ridiculous. As for "the ancient texts mentioned two aromatics"...then what they've created isn't authentic at all, because there's a lot more than two aromatics in those formulas! That, of course, assumes the story isn't completely made up in the first place. And the TV commercial is laughable! I suppose some people will buy anything if you put an expensive price tag on it.

    • TiVo | 27th September 2011 17:55

      I finally received my sample and found the fragrance well-constructed and quite enjoyable. Seems like the previous negative comments were made without even sampling the perfume. Everyone, has an opinion however. I don't know if the product is worth the price at $299, but I have worn very expensive perfumes that were not worth anything close to the price I paid and this seems to be the exception. I did find a coupon online for the Alpha version for $99. At that price, it is WELL worth the price of admission. Bottom line: I liked it very much and anyone can get a sample and formulate their own intelligent, unbiased and informed decision. :thumbup: