New: Blask from Humiecki & Graef plus Porcelain Collection | News from Pitti Fragranze

by Grant Osborne, 11th September, 2011

At Pitti, Humiecki & Graef were showing their newest fragrance, Blask - and their limited edition porcelain collection. Blask is a polish work meaning brilliance/bright, and the fragrance was created by ‘Les Christophs’ (Christoph Hornetz and Christophe Laudamiel)

Blask’s bottle uses a suede label for the name of the scent, and the fragrance itself contains notes of Laurel, Red Wine, Walnut and Floral Notes.

The company also displayed their limited edition porcelain collection. Four of the companies fragrances: Bosque, Clemency, Geste and Eau Radieuse are being launched later this year in hand painted porcelain bottles.

Each fragrance will be numbered and their is a limited quantity of 125 of each scent. We will add pictures of these later, as our images don’t do them justice, as well as further information.

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    • SculptureOfSoul | 29th September 2011 07:26

      H&G is one of the most unique and daring niche lines out there. There is a purity to their scents that leave most of them squarely in the love-or-hate category.

      I can't wait to try Blask.