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by Grant Osborne, 11th September, 2011

We had the chance to spend some time with the lovely Andy Tauer, who was showing his new Pentachords range at Pitti. What he wasnít showing publicly was his new project Tableau de Parfums, which he was keeping hidden in a secret compartment! For those who do not follow Andyís blog, Tableau de Parfums is a separate brand from Tauer Perfumes and is a result of a collaboration between Tauer, and film maker Brian Pera.

Brian Pera is working on an ongoing series of movies called Womanís Picture. It will be a series of cinematic portraits inspired by the classic womenís films of the thirties, forties and fifties. Each portrait will focus on a different female character - the first of which to be launched in October is Miriam (played by Ann Magnuson). (Loretta and Ingrid will follow next year).

Andy Tauer and Pera have worked together to create a line of fragrances inspired by the portraits in these films. These perfumes will be released under the name of Tableau de Parfums and as the first film is going to be Miriam, the first perfume launched will be called Miriam.

Miriamís story is described on the project's website as:

The host of a long running home shopping network program, Miriam is the on air confidante to millions of women across the country, who call in to her show regularly to discuss their personal lives and stories. Behind the scenes, Miriam is at odds with the men who run the studio, a motley crew of suits who donít understand her touchy feely appeal. At home, she struggles with a layabout boyfriend. Her mother has just been put in a nursing home and stares blankly at Miriam during their daily visits, unable to speak. What Miriam would like more than anything is the one thing she canít have: the name of her motherís signature perfume. Whatís left of the fragrance sits in an unlabeled Baccarat decant on the edge of Miriamís vanity. When itís gone, it will take a world of memories with it.

On his blog Andy says of the fragrance:

Miriam is a fragrance that you could have smelled in the forties or fifties. Imagine a natural green aldehydic powdery tea rose, think light blue violet flowers, and green animalic, dry and earthy mossy violet leaves, think Mysore sandalwood. Actually, without going to much in to technical details: I use a violet leave absolute that I get from Biolandes and that is just wonderful. It is such a joy that you can still get these naturals today. As almost all good things in life it is quite expensive. It fits perfectly with my vision of how MIRIAM is supposed to smell. It has this vintage aspect. One reason is of course that you do not get a lot of fragrances these days where violet leaves are used in detectable amounts.

Miriamís notes are: bergamot, sweet orange, geranium, violet blossom, rose, jasmine, ylang, violet leaf, lavender, vanilla, orris root, sandalwood.

I had the pleasure of being shown the packing for Miriam at Pitti. It is rather exquisite - but rather than me try to explain it for you - we found this on Vimeo, so how about we let Andy show you himself: (It's long but for perfume geeks like me, it's pretty fascinating...)


The fragrance will be available to buy from October at the Evelyn Avenue website, and LuckyScent.

ADDED: Andy is running giveaways with several blogs to enable people to win samples. Perfume Shrine has already done a giveaway, but a giveaway is currently being held on the Persolaise blog.

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    • Kalynne | 12th September 2011 03:48

      Oooo! That's so interesting! I would love to see and sniff the results.

    • Birdboy48 | 12th September 2011 04:20

      Andy : He's the real deal. If only more things in our world could be so personal. :thumbsup:

    • Persolaise | 12th September 2011 13:29

      Thanks very much indeed for the video, Grant, and for the link. I hope to post a full review of Miriam on my blog soon, but for now I'll just say that it's WELL worth trying!

    • david | 13th September 2011 10:33

      Andy is a GENIUS. Heīs way up there with the likes of Ernst Beaux and the Guerlain family noses, if not actually surpassing them.

      I canīt wait to try this new line of perfumes. The description of Miriam sounds heavenly !!!

    • Francop | 17th September 2011 13:10

      Most impressive Andy...Thanks for the video and demonstration...:smiley:

    • pearhunter7 | 24th September 2011 21:13

      Andy! Hire some people to pack that stuff for you. Outsource babe! :grin:

    • JustinL611 | 20th March 2012 17:40

      If Andy starts hiring people to pack his stuff and if he starts advertising then the prices of his scents will increase. The reasons why his scents are so affordable are because he does a lot of the work on his own.