Dita Von Teese to launch signature scent

by Grant Osborne, 03rd October, 2011

Burlesque model, actress and life-long fragrance fan Dita von Teese is launching an eponymous fragrance this month. Von Teese worked with Luxess Group to develop the fragrance, and Firmenich's Nathalie Lorson created the juice.

Von Teese was very close to the project, she said “I wanted it to be a perfume that smelled exactly how I imagined it. I doubt the perfumers in Paris imagined that I would be in their shop almost every day for an entire year”.

The fragrance contains notes of Bulgarian rose, peony, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli and musk; and is available as 20ml and 40ml eau de toilette, deodorants, shower gel and body lotion.

Dita von Teese fragrance will be available later this month in France, Germany, United Kingdom and Russia.

Von Teese photo / PR Photos

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    • d4N13L | 3rd October 2011 12:21

      I like her style, she's impressive and intimidating.

    • Francop | 3rd October 2011 14:41

      The Girls and the Boys Love you Dita...we look forward to trying it asap...:tongue:

    • Primrose | 3rd October 2011 20:47

      Albeit that she really tries hard to be a Betty Page/retro pin-up for the modern era, I would be interested in trying this scent.

      Celebuscents, sadly, are usually run-of-the-mill in order to have mass appeal.

    • onaluna | 8th October 2011 01:56

      Promising, not-run-of-the-mill packaging, though. But the note list seems like a pinup — a pretty, airbrushed confection, but nothing alluring or deep — no real mystique.